How much can one Nation tolerate?

“Anything you tolerate you will always get more of”…

There is a crying kid behind you at the neighboring table. You give the glance that you have been there and remember it clearly….now the time is slipping by and the kid is not pacified and it seems the parents are not making much of an effort to restore peace and order in their own World that is now spilling over into yours. Patience is a virtue but even virtue has it’s limits. Incessant whining quickly loses flavor and a decision is eminent, living in America as a whole is much like this scenario.

As an American I have a certain expectation developed by years of trial and error experience that started when things were more dependent upon what the individual did rather than what the Government did. Those of us who understand that standing on your own two feet is more than a cliché we’ve heard for decades. It is clear though that the generation that has come after ours is not familiar with this time tested saying and prefer to play the baby bird resting comfortably in the nest with it’s mouth wide open waiting for the next provision from it’s parents. It is soft killing the Country as sure as a bomb being dropped from the sky.

My generation is at fault for the next generation. We felt sorry for ourselves with the more hands off theory our parents employed and in the interest of our more sensitive selves reckoned we now know better. Lets be kinder, gentler, more understanding….in effect…more tolerant. Bible says “sow the wind, reap the whirlwind” to be exact here is the text in full; Hosea 8:7 “They sow the wind, and reap the whirlwind. The stalk has no bud; it shall never produce meal. If it should produce, aliens will swallow it up.” There is something quite timely in this ancient verse from the Old Testament as it describes a modern picture of our emerging youth.

Our tolerance has in effect dumbed down our kids and even more so the Grandkids of today. Our kids have taken our philosophy and moved it further down the road which has lead us to where my generation is now vulnerable to the thought process of those who may decide our fate now that we are old. I will at this point stop long enough to point out that “my kids” are not included in this scenario because they have never been coddled, never kept away from the real World, have suffered their own decisions and have been taught how to recognize foolish behavior and lying commentary be it either a Politician or friend. It is to their credit they can decide what is now right or wrong on what they saw or experienced in their youth. Most now can not do it as they are socially handicapped.

Is there a solution? Specifically none that can be implemented, but then yes if we are interested in turning the ship which is off course. Lets start with coddling, little Johnny is not the next Einstein in general terms. But he deserves the kind of support where it is safe to learn but not so much so to disrupt or challenge his parents in the home. Obedience in the young can save a life when they are older, it can keep them out of prison, out of the gang. But then many families now only have one active member usually the mom, what then? Men have failed….fathers have failed, but they had help. Men, particularly fathers have been delegated to the obscure fringe of society. Don’t need them, don’t want them, can do without them but truth is fathers are indispensable to children. Argue all you want but son’s and daughters need their dads. If we continue to tolerate fathers being ousted from the family unit in divorce court then this scenario will only get worse. Lets not tolerate it any further.


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