With a new addition comes new hope….

The older I get the less, I’ve discovered, is appealing to me a future that includes a way to hand over what I consider a precious resource….experience. My dad died when I was 23 years old and while age wise I qualified for adulthood I was in truth, woefully inadequate for the oncoming pressure that had certainly arrived with the advent of his death. I have three brothers and one sister…all stellar human beings…all God fearing positive contributors to the family and to Society as a whole. Me, not so much yet even though I too was raised to fear God and to be a positive member of at least the family, not so much within Society at that time.

As my life hit the mileposts common to those who marry and work, kids came, self-sufficiency grew and a home to call my own. It was a 70’s version of Camelot, but as the King of it I was ill-prepared and lacked the Father to lean upon so experience was in short supply even though God provided mentors to fill the mega gap that is left when a Father is absent. Not to bemoan the obvious but no Father is perfect and many in truth are down right dreadful but they have stories that we don’t know that lead them to how they turned out as well. That’s another scenario to be addressed at another time. I am interested in the Father that “is” interested in his children and his goal is to care/develop/promote kids who will repeat the process in their own homes with their own kids.

God will take you on highways and pathways that will create and or instill how you process the World as you walk/pass through it….and as it says in Proverbs that “a man’s heart plans his way…but the Lord guides his steps”. Based upon how my life has progressed over the years, as I look back, I can see the truth in the verse and the living reality of it’s result. I am still standing and still caring for my children and wife even though their lives have lives of their own. I want this to continue, as a Father the thing I can do to have an impact is to leave a legacy that will propel my kids and the generation that follows them into the future….which is now come into focus with a new addition.

Her name is Avery…..French for “inspired advice” and “old peace”… and she was born on the first day of December to a family of people who have been patiently waiting for her arrival including a Father who was now earning a new title….Grandfather. I do not know yet if I will actually “be” a “Grand”father in the truest sense but my hope to be just that, is currently in the works. The possibilities and goals are endless and the old Proverb, which I referred to earlier, has new hope with the old meaning. Avery’s Father will face all the same challenges this Father did with her Mother and as long as they are willing, I will be faithful to deliver any and all positive advice and warn of the negative consequences that I have experienced along the way. Those things that have caused the most pain will be the things most warned about because…. anything you tolerate, you will always get more of.



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