“What will happen is”….

I am still learning….I am still trying….I want to do the right thing but inside my head I wrestle with holding my tongue. There are people you will encounter that won’t try to filter either their thoughts or their tongue….these people tend to be what we call “fools”, know any? I am not sensitive in any real sense except when it comes to my kids (and now grandkid).  I tend to lean on the blunt side of most commentary, mostly because brevity is easier for me than long windedness. I’m not young any longer and my best guess is I have far fewer years ahead of me than what has passed. No matter because as a believer in Christ it just means that I will be rejoined with those who have gone before me and be in the presence of the Lord, both ways I win. The one thing that seems to take precedence in my life these days, with consistence, is impatience with other people. Its quite easy to be patient with kids and the young, with those who are neither a kid or young I don’t do as well. My peers, shall we say, tend to fall into two category’s…interested people or uninterested people. Those who fall into the latter,  would rather tell you about where they ate, or what they ate, or what movie is hot. For any of them to invest anything in what may affect their future or their kids future…uninterested.

Being “interested” always has the feel that a positive opportunity may be at hand, it’s how we tend to be if we are not on prescribed drugs that alter such feelings, that wash away hope and diminish acuity. Interested people typically are willing to study things, research stuff that will fortify knowledge, gain intelligence. While no-one has all knowledge or all truth except God….those who tend to stand on “half-truths” hope you do as well so that they can buffalo or “bs” their way through life. I am not a fan of these kinds of people. People will lie about the stupidest things….I have caught myself as well. Why does it seem that truth…even the most mundane of examples…. isn’t enough sometimes? No need to embellish, to expand, make spectacular. It’s easier to remember the truth than it is to share a lie. Maybe….people think that their lives are so boring, so devoid of excitement or glory that producing a simple expansive lie perhaps will make them more interesting. I think it is the “hard” truth that makes people uncomfortable, those times where consequences to ignored truth are in the offing. It is one thing to say “you look great in that” or perhaps “that is your color” quite another to say that “smoking pot is no big deal” or “finish your drink and lets drive home”.

There is and has long been a dumbing down of our Nation, perhaps one of the biggest lies ever told or shared is there is a “right” for a woman to choose what happens to her body. It is no more true than a mans “right” to choose what happens to his body. That’s all well and good until there is a child involved. What happens is, a lie is believed…it is just a fetus, a blob of tissue so no consequence involved and the woman has a right to her body right? Abortion rights began my senior year in HS and by nefarious means through the high Court…since then an estimated 66 million humans here in the States have been killed, never feeling love, a hug, gone before they have a chance to begin. An act of inconvenience for perhaps 97% of the total committed. If Albert Einstein was one in a million, if Nicola Tesla was one in a million….then we have lost conservatively 66 of one or the other. Look at what just one Albert Einstein was able to do for the human race. What would/could have 65-70 of them been able to do for this “current” generation? We will never know….but I can say this, that the mental capacity for love and the well being of our fellow man is at it’s lowest ebb because compassion is being exchanged for half-truth and outright lies for what is coming…..and what is coming? What will happen is…..




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