Lets begin shall we?….Avery, for you.

It always starts out the same, even with the repetition of it there is a tangible hope that maybe this time “Happy New Year” may just end up being that. While the year number indeed will be new much of what the year may hold will be of the more mundane variety.  But we can hope can’t we? Avery you are now just over 2yo, and you spent the night with us last night with your parents so in truth you celebrated ringing in the New Year with us. Mainly because of the work done to your wood floor at your house was not yet complete. My original purpose of this Blog was to allow your Grandpa a vehicle/place to get out of my head and heart those things I consider important to me….

There are things approaching in light of the times that might turn this onset of a new year from a mundane 365 days to some much more enlightening days. Your Grandpa is a firm believer in Yahweh and consequently His Son Yeshua. Now who are these two anyway??…. Well, Yahweh is “GOD”‘s real name in the Hebrew language and Yeshua is “JESUS” which is a Greek language translation of His Hebrew name….understand??  “God” is not a name at all it is just a “word” used by early Europeans to assign identity to a Supreme Being. So just a little sidebar note here “hey baby”….(did you know that’s what we call you for the past two years) when someone says these words; “God Damn”….the majority of Christian people will be insulted thinking this person has taken Gods name in vain….and the person “using” these words thinks he is being hardcore with swear words or tough. No…not really, you see “God” as I just said is not a name it is just a word used to describe a particular type of being. Not Yahweh described as the God of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob in the Bible. So while “god damn” is a vulgar assembly of words in truth it is not a swear word….ok?

I don’t know if or when you will actually get to read all the coming musings of your Grandpa but if possible this place will survive intact till then so even when I’m gone you can read and think about those things I want you to know and learn….ya know why? Cause I love you “hey baby”. More to come……

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