State of the Heart in the State of the Union….

The State of the Union speech was given this past Tuesday Feb 5th. As you grow in understanding Avery you will witness things that will raise questions inside your heart and mind. You will also discover that it will happen throughout your life. It is my hope that I will remain on this Earth long enough to offer a reasonable explanation behind what will confuse you as your wisdom grows. When I was a kid we gave no thought to much of the issues that now present themselves daily. Things were more idyllic, less stressful. The problem with what was and still is today, is that innocence has been lost. There is very little now protected by innocence as the gambit of evil behavior and belief has been exposed willingly by those who don’t see a problem with the formally hidden lifestyles. This happening is no surprise, only the way the acceptance of it accompanies its revelation. In other words Avery the evil desires that God talks about in His Word are on full display for all to see….they (those who practice and applaud it) want you to accept it all as if it is completely normal to everyday life… isn’t.

President Trump in his State of the Union speech laid out many truths that had  historical reminders of years past with references to our History, engaging in wars where the Nation confronted evil intentions and desires of people against those who didn’t have the strength to fight for themselves. No war is good….but….war is sometimes necessary when the God given right to life and freedom is taken from the World that could one day end up at our doorstep. Every Amendment to our Constitution is important but the 2nd Amendment stands as the anchor to which all others are maintained.  The old guys who established this “shining light on a hill” for the benefit of all who are citizens of this place knew better than those who are currently in charge. I mention this because our old guy founders were Christian, nearly all, it is important to note that that is the soul difference that sets apart our “Republic” from every other Republic in the World. We are still a decent Nation and have stood and still stand as a beacon to all other Nations to imitate us, not to jump in a boat or a plane to come here but to establish their own America where they already were. But they came here and not wanting to become American they only wanted to set up a smaller cultural version of what they were leaving “within” our shores. It is called multiculturalism and on the surface what is the harm?…. but in truth is creates division and a soon to be breakdown to what it means to be an American.

There is now a “plain to see” rejection of God happening in this Nation. With the uncovering of a new more devious level of death on display with a State Govt decision in New York to permit the killing of a baby up to and in some cases “after” the birth of a child has happened to which the entire State Congress stood to a standing ovation. In Virginia the Governor there has declared that the decision whether to “allow” a born child to still be put to death lay in the hands of a Doctor and the baby’s Mother….I will note that there is no consideration of what the Father might desire in the equation…a decision could still come to murder the viable child “made comfortable” before them. By the time you are able to grasp this Avery the fear is that it will be an everyday occurrence without notice. These things are happening because of the very thing I decided to generate this place for you to consider…..”anything you tolerate”. It’s truth should not just be applied in your home as it should also be applied in Society for the moral benefit of all who live in it.



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