Can they ever be trusted again?….

Something just happened Avery that has taken two years to evolve. Perhaps by the time you are reading this note you will be of an age where you can balance that which is “right” and that which is “wrong”… the simple notion is clear to most but sidestepped by others. This will end up being a time of Historical significance, one for the text books, or….as is typical of today’s Public School System a version of “revisionist history” may be supplanted instead. A portion of our Government System, some within the Judicial and some within the Executive Branches have conspired together with the Public Media to attempt what is referred to as a “Coup d’ etat which is French meaning a “blow to the State”. Now chances are by a future date the French description of what happened will have been changed or re-imagined into something else depending upon where the Nation is Politically during that time. This attempt to unseat a sitting and dully elected President, (just because a group of like-minded people hated the outcome of the election), has failed as of yesterday. President Trump was found innocent of any indictments from a so-called “Independent Council” as to what has now been long called “Collusion with Russia”. Since the start it was a “red Herring” and brought by the Liberal Left and others who are at the beckoning call from the Puppet Masters behind the veil if you will. There is an Elite group of people who all have World aspirations but are always hungry for the one thing that all evil people are hungry for….Power. They already have all the money ever dreamed of, but what they desire more is control over everyone else. It’s a mindset as old as time since the two brothers in the Old Testament, Cain and Able….

There were days, weeks, months, and even years dedicated to the personal and political destruction of Donald Trump. They (the Media) corporately lied about it all every day all day long. In the doing it soon became remarkably transparent to those of us who were watching that there was a lot more going on than met the eye. I hope by now Avery you understand that while there is the “on it’s face” observance of how things “appear”,  the truth of the matter is there is always the “Spiritual” truth of how things really are. The ever-present battle between Almighty God and Satan, good vs evil. It is as real as the nose on your beautiful face. So while you can see and hear in the present time what people are saying about a matter there is always something else going on that you can’t see. Let me say that when you pair the World view and the Spiritual view together you will have a balance to weigh evidence that may escape the notice of others not so inclined. President Trump is not a “boy scout”, neither is he a particular role model in the traditional sense….but….what he is, is a Patriot and someone who cares about the American Citizen ….. and… time has passed I can see where his relationship with God has grown. His Faith has grown, it had too because he was under such an onslaught from every side that only by turning to God was he able to weather this evil storm. Were it not for God, he wouldn’t have. Just for the record Avery, I support President Trump, even admire him for what he has done so well, but I am a Rand Paul guy.

What do I want you to take away from this? First, both of the current “Party’s” that make up the head of the divided Governmental representatives are guilty of shameful behavior and if you take a step back you may notice that nothing ever seems to get done no matter who or which Party is in power. That is by design my love, if they really wanted to get something done they could do anything worthwhile in less than a week much less than the never-ending time frame nearly everything else takes. It’s like a football game that is played entirely from one 40 yard line to the other 40 yard line…. a little back and forth but no one is scoring, especially you and me. What you need to keep you eye on is never what any of them (elected Officials of any kind) “say”, always observe what they actually “do”. The Bible says “you will know them by their fruit”, perfectly stated. If they say one thing yet do another then you know they are not to be trusted. Always know that there is a “Public Record” of every single word spoken within the House and the Senate Halls. You have a full right to have access to it to see what any one of these Jokers have truly said.

I saw you on Sat, Grandma was at your house taking care of you and I wanted to sneak in to see you for a minute before heading home. I hope I will be around long enough to tell you these things in person when they count for something. If not?….I’m writing it down just in case.



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