You can’t forget what you don’t know….

Avery… was good for me to see you yesterday. Your mom and dad had a Memorial Day BBQ and some friends over to your house and Grandma and I came over to help your mom with things and spend time with you. As you are growing up and gaining understanding with life,  your circle of people and your personality is also developing. You are learning to be gentle, to be patient, you have given me a name before you call your Grandma’s (driving her nuts) which for the moment makes me laugh even though you are clearly in Grandma’s camp with wanting to be with her over being with me. I am not jealous as I know my time (if I am still here) will come. You are completely sheltered and for good reason, there is a family desire to keep the World away from you for as long as possible until you have had time to establish those things that will be important to your future interaction with the World, even perhaps, your survival as well because the World is a very different place from when I came through. Of course you will have to form your own conclusions/opinions as to the value (perceived or otherwise) of everything and everyone you come in contact with. But a certain and sure foundation will be established for you to stand upon which to build your life.

There is a strong evil that awaits, you will encounter it the moment you move into the higher education aspect of your life. I don’t mean College even though that is where the “finishing touches” are delivered, given to those who travel through the system of “Societal preparation” after you are released into the World. It will begin much earlier, even in Elementary School, as those things that promote a compliant attitude and a revised version of the true History being denied to you from those who made History, come to light. I will do everything in my power to establish a rock for you to stand on no shifting sand that the Public School System has waiting for you. I will try to help out so that you don’t have to go to a Public School as the method of suspect education, within those walls it is quite different from decades past. If somehow I can participate with you and a Home School situation I will do so. There are a few years to figure that out. You will need to be a stellar observer….a listener….and to be courageous when the time comes to stand. You will discover very early that the vast majority of those you come to know or spend time with, either at school or outside of it, will be reluctant or afraid to stand up to those who intend to be “your” oppressor…follow me? Anyone who’s desire it is to impose “their” will over “yours” must be promoting an agenda that may not be good for you with the goal of silencing your strength of commitment or those beliefs that you hold dear. Namely God is real and the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the second most important Documents ever produced….Bible being number one.

So today is officially Memorial Day….the remembrance of those who died in service to this Nation. Your dad and uncle Justin both served in the Armed Military Service and by the grace of God returned home to this family. I treasure both men and having them close brings comfort to me and Grandma. We celebrate those who returned alive from service on Veterans Day like your dad and uncle but I will still celebrate their survival on Memorial Day as well. You have a Great Uncle who fought and served during WW2 and returned home who died before you were born. He was my dad’s brother, Great Uncle Russ Vellenga. My daddy did not go to war as he was married with small children by then but indirectly he did serve as he worked in a metal foundry in Muskegon Michigan that was converted over to military production during the war where he made the huge shell casings that was used for Battleship ammunition. The World Avery has been involved in some kind of war since the beginning of human record keeping to this very day. Our current President has decided just days ago to send troops back to the Middle East yet again….much to my dismay. God still sits on His Throne as those who’s agenda it is to control the lives of men here at home and abroad go forward. But for the moment I am loving hugging your little neck and when you hug my leg in return when you come close to me. Just remember anything you tolerate you will always get more of…..


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