When the Lord steps in….

There will be a time Avery when you will be struggling with something in your life that you will not know what to do. If you are like your Grandpa you will not entertain the notion of quitting, the idea is always first and foremost to persevere “through” the tough time with the hope that it will get better or simply work itself out. I am here to tell you that there is another option. I lost my job last week….it was only the second job I had since coming to this State almost 18 years ago. It was a weird and unique position where I had to travel “daily” to where the Builders I served were building out of town. Single family homes….Townhomes….duplexes were the staple I dealt with. While I would leave home around 6:15 am I wouldn’t return until usually 5:30-6:00 pm so it made for a long day simply driving, typically 5 hours behind the wheel, and 1200 miles a week, and with at least an hour and a half at the office before I would leave it didn’t leave much time to get things done.

The details for my release were mostly my dissatisfaction with what I was doing and the Company’s lack of involvement in any of the projects mainly because they were so far out of town. When installers made mistakes that came to light later the blame was not on them it was on me and while things had gone well for a long time the burden of this out of town work was taking its toll on me. Grandma and I had talked many times about how the more time had passed the harder this task became. I was losing my health sitting and driving so much, losing sleep at night with the constant challenge of those things that were connected with getting things done on time and with good quality. Those two ideas seldom come together in the real World. On the Monday before I was set free I actually fell asleep at the wheel driving through Idaho Springs on my way home. While the moment was perhaps 2 seconds long I was spooked deep inside and thanked the Lord for waking me up quickly and while I had strayed only halfway out of the lane the truth of what had happened had me questioning my ability to continue with this job for another 7 years.

That night Grandma and I talked during dinner and I shared with her about my dosing off on my drive home. I mentioned that I couldn’t see working 7 more days much less 7 more years going out the door repeating what I had already been doing for almost 3 years. Only a few weeks before I had avoided three major accidents on the Interstate and State road between jobsites where multiple people had died and dozens seriously injured. The Lord had delayed my departure on two by a few minutes so that when I arrived the accidents were over yet still steaming. The one I had left the site 45 minutes earlier and passed through where a terrible accident happened by that same amount of time afterwards, my “usual” time going through. This Winter will go down in the record books as being 9 months long and in the High Country it snows daily…freezes daily and the roads are not maintained all that well especially “during” the snow storm, and yet, the Lord got me through it all without so much as a spin-out. I can’t tell you how many people/cars I saw off in ditches or off the edge of the road without guardrails and yet it did not come by me.

So….did I tell you that God loves you? How do I know?….because He loves me too. And while most would be tempted to think that losing your job was a bad thing (Grandma is a little nervous she will admit) I will declare to you that my Heavenly Father “saved” my life by getting me out of that dangerous, unrewarding job, before I fell asleep at the wheel again. So the “other option” I mentioned at the beginning of this love note to you??…is that God can see things that haven’t happened yet as though they have and will take you out of harms way “before” it comes. God and I have been here before. He has never let me down, He has never let me go without work and to provide for Grandma…never. He is not about to start now though I am much older now. I have been doing things around the house that have waited for three years to get done….and I’ve been able to rest better and longer which I hope will improve my health. And I’m glad that I am still around to be with you and hug your neck as often as I can. So by tolerating the dysfunctional job I had, I always got more of it….till God saved me. Once again.


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