With God….its day to day…plus an update.

My goal with this format is to lend some possible insight for you Avery. The World is quite a big place and lots of things going on 24/7 and may I add to this with all kidding aside….the World is not your friend. But to make it more manageable shall we narrow down the parameters a bit to the area you inhabit. Your World will end up being those things that you encounter on a daily basis, your home, your work, your friends and even me and grand-ma if we are still around. So it is within this circle you must find your way until you either move the circle or change its contents with new friends or new work. In either case you will still need to employ the skills to “weigh” the changing environment and adapt to what is unknown. I have had to do just this in recent weeks including this very day…..even this morning. With my change in jobs I have had to return to a way of living I have not had to rely on for many years. Previously I had the Worldly luxury of being able to (barring any “job related” development) look out to the future and plan how my life would evolve or progress as my job time-frame and pay and available health would permit. It could lead a person on a path that easily could allow a slow progression and slight trajectory away from the source of our love, comfort, protection…and intended future…In other words putting our faith in what the World/job offers and losing the faith/dependence within the close relationship with God.

I have been planning to start a job (now as a Tile Contractor again) with a Builder about 2 hours West of here. He had been courting me for a couple months now and we have met twice in preparation of doing this house together. I had to make some timing changes to my schedule to clear it from any local work I might have taken trying to get this change in employment off the ground. I had my brother (your Great Uncle Pete) come to visit and help me to work on the cabin in the Mtns (you will most definitely be well familiar with in the future) and we worked like maniacs for a week to move closer to the finish line. Now as I am recovering in preparation to do this house I sent out an e-mail to the Builder last night letting him know that I am getting ready to come and begin…..I saw his reply this morning. He has backed out of the proposed contract with the customer and removed his name from the permit. In other words I will not be leaving for Fairplay tomorrow to start a home. I will be at home planning my next move. It is unsettling but not unfamiliar….I have been here before when I was a contractor years ago. I no longer have the luxury of a Worldly plan of action and perceived security via the former job. Now?….it’s day to day Avery and I know the plan of God does not necessarily line up with Grandpa’s plan. So mine will change in favor of His. Grandma will not like it (it is hard to get used to) but the dependence upon Him and His timing is necessary.

As you grow older you will experience the “way” of the World. There will be great moments of happiness and equal times of dread, friends will come and go, some who you will miss greatly just as I do even now. The Lord will lead you in and out and through the maze of life (if you will only let Him) and in the end be in a far better place than if you resisted or ignored the signposts along the way.  The reason the World will hate you will be for the same reason it hates me and grandma….we love and trust Almighty God and the fact that God’s Son is our appointed and chosen Savior places a line in the sand if you will where the difference of dependence is placed in a Spiritual habitation not a Worldly one. I will do whatever I can to enable you to mature and grow in a safe environment and tell you of the Greatness of God and what He has done for your Grandpa all his life so that you can make the same choice that I did at a very young age….as sweet and loving as you already are….you also need a Savior to save you. So as I like to say: anything you tolerate you will always get more of ….will always be true and personified in regards to the World.

Now an update: Some time ago I told you about my struggle with my plumber Allen, I suggested that sometimes it will be hard to trust someone and to do it anyway. I practiced what I preached and trusted him to finish our cabin and I can say that he did try to complete his obligation, but sadly didn’t cross the finish line so I had to have another complete what was left undone. I did my part and the Lord provided the one we needed to get us where we needed to be. When faced with a trust issue again I will do it again and perhaps a different outcome will be experienced…..we shall see.

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