Will evil prevail Avery??…..

There used to be an old adage: “you can always trust the News”…. well as it turns out it really depends upon which version of the news you listen to. The times have changed but when you boil them all down just as the Bible says “there is nothing new under the Sun”, the only difference since my generation leading into yours is that people’s awareness has grown in a massive way. It’s impossible to say right now Avery how your times will differ from mine, but I can guess that things in a Societal context will most certainly be worse…perhaps even far worst. Just a couple days ago on a “News Report” is saw a women standing up at a Town Hall Meeting for a NY Congress woman known by her initials as AOC declaring that population control should in the future include (I kid you not sweetie) that parents be able to eat their babies should they need to. This is a form of a Satanic ritual that extends back to ancient Biblical times where parents sacrificed their children to Pagan gods and the Bible goes into detail in the Old Testament as to how God feels about the practice. He hates it I can assure you and if God hates it then we should join Him in fighting a modern day declaration of it. The Media as a whole in recent years has taken on the ill-advised position of being the affirmater (my word) of what is called the Liberal Left or Democrats. If you observe their “platform” or their position/belief of Societal issues they are unified and nearly all of them are “one shaking a fist in Gods face”… in the name of tolerance they attempt to make common and or normal every aberrant behavior under the Sun, which is in agreement with exactly what the Bible says it is….”nothing new”. Only now there is pressure for those of Faith (like us) to not impose our belief on them but to “tolerate” the behavior and if not we are persecuted because of what “we” believe which reveals a pretty big irony…..they want believers to tolerate things we don’t like and when we don’t “they” have no tolerance for us….see how that works??

So Avery, will evil prevail? Well for now evil is growing with the intention of taking the Whole World and to deliver it into the lap of the wicked one….Satan. This is nothing new either other than the fact that it has spread around the World and when you couple that with those who report the News that promote its acceptance to everyone who is watching you might think Satan is winning…and consequently so might evil be. You might wonder based upon what you might see or hear someone telling you differently. God is not surprised neither is He caught off guard….He has a foretold plan (which you can read about in His Word) that will not be denied nor thwarted, He is Almighty God for crying out loud. I hope I am still here to be with you to help you see how His plan is unfolding to which the blind can’t see (those who don’t believe in God) and those of us who have had our eyes opened (believers in Christ). Sometimes Avery it is so blatantly obvious as to what those who plan evil are doing as to be fools in suits and dresses standing in front of the news camera’s. Amazing once you are able to recognize their exposed deceit.

There are people who have a Biblical understanding of what God has said and what to look for (me included) when the time has come near to the return of our Savior. Just in the past 5 years the climate (this includes the weather as well) are clearly pointing to the time fast approaching and perhaps may happen before you even need to consider all of these love notes I have written to you. The Bible is a timeline as much as it is instruction as to how to live your life. The reason many/most don’t believe or don’t recognize what is happening right in front of them is because God has hidden these things from them so that they need to make a free will choice of whether our Savior is the Son of God or not and to make Him “their” personal choice as well. Choice being the critical word…. so as the header of this spot on the Web mentions, in regards to tolerance. Be careful “what” you tolerate as more will be coming.



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