“Tile Installer… 2.0

I have returned to my career roots Avery…back down on my knees, not in prayer…although I do employ prayer many times while I’m down there. No I have returned to “physical labor” in lieu of “mental labor”, it is with much trepidation (thoughtful concern) I do this having not done it as a primary form of earning a living in 14 years. I am two weeks into my first job back and while today and yesterday I am fully aware physically of my latent return the soreness and slow movement is an acceptable alternative to what had become customary while being a Field Manager…. much driving, poor eating habits, long hours away from Grandma and many overtime hours not paid for. A recipe for an early death, which I am trying to avoid with the hope of watching you grow up. The folks I am working for are great and patient with me…both believers in Christ so I have a built in confidence that I will be treated well. I feel no pressure from them only the pressure I place on myself trying to fulfill what I agreed to do for them in a timely fashion….I have a couple more days to complete the process.

At the moment you and your parents are in Florida visiting your other Grandparents who don’t have the luxury of having you close and at the fingertips like we do….I don’t apologize for that either. We intend on spoiling you as best we can and as much as we can….it’s what we do. I mention the evolution of my new/old job condition because I want you to know that sometimes you will face the need to do this yourself. No job is forever, certainly not like in generations past where jobs were almost handed down from father to son to grandson etc… no, now I marvel at how many times guys that I know involved in the overarching Industry I am a part of jump from job to job. I was surveying a job resume of a friend of mine (work acquaintance) who has listed 4 jobs they had where none of them were longer than 1 year 2 months…in a row!  To me that’s not a positive selling point for future services. I’ve been here from Florida almost 18 years and have had only two jobs in an official capacity. Most times when you move on you leave behind some very good friends that you will miss but never let that cause you to long for the old days and put up with an ever worsening condition. It’s bad for the soul.

Now that I am older I’ve learned to trust less in myself and more in God. You still have to do your part and once you have showered/dressed/headed out the door/you have done your part. Let the Lord have His way and lead you which is exactly what He will do. Most times (In my experience) when something that I feel was a dramatic moment where I was forced to contemplate the idea of continuing on doing the same thing over and over again?….the Lord will move me on to the next chapter. It happened with the sleepy drive home this past Summer….happened on a Monday and the Lord moved me on two days later. Now look at me, Tile Guy part two…I am hopeful of the success that always comes via the Lords leading so while a tile setter earns his living on his knees it is also the best position to have an ongoing conversation with the One who makes it all possible. I’m betting I’ll get more of it as I go along.

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