What are they thinking??…

History is happening every single day Avery….only thing is the “act” of making History is sometimes not perceived until well after the moment has happened. Case in point is the Historic kerfuffle now on display in the Hall’s of Congress. I want to address this with you now so that perhaps in years to come when you are gaining in both knowledge and wisdom (after all you are your Granpa’s granddaughter) I might lend a perspective that will not exist in your time frame. There is an ongoing, never ending, mindless attempt to find a way to remove a sitting President from office who’s only crime is having been elected by the People most tired of how the past 50 years have gone….me included. I was not a “Trump” guy from the very beginning preferring a man who’s name is Rand Paul, maybe better known as the son of Ron Paul. You can discover who these other two guys are on your own should you even want too, but as things moved along in the election process my guy dropped out of the race before I even had an opportunity to vote for him…such is life. I am a first line Conservative Christian voter and a declared hybrid voter being somewhere (out of necessity) between a Republican and a Libertarian so a Republitarian I guess. It’s where I currently dwell in the spectrum of Political positioning, odd I know but it’s how I play the game trying to balance my love of God with the poor selection of candidates on the ballot.

But back to the circus on daily display…. when I was younger the “News” was a trusted source of information and insight. There were only three to choose from on TV, NBC/CBS/ABC were all Networks who supposedly provided an unbiased newscast you might watch on your TV in the evening and then go to bed satisfied that you were kept abreast of the Worlds events happening each day in an unbiased, trustworthy way. Another means of gathering your news understanding was the myriad of Newspaper publications, some Cities even had multiple publications to choose from like the New York Times, New York Post. etc….things have changed. In my opinion Avery none…not even a single publication or programing currently in production is unbiased and if you even took a passing glance to look an inch deeper you would discover that the news is no longer news…it is opinion based propaganda delivered with the intent of deceiving and peddling a belief system that stands directly in the way of God and God’s people first then the added goal of enslaving a Free People and destroying the documents of God given rights, given to us by Him and made known via the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Sadly the Citizenry have been too lazy to learn and know, and can’t tell when they are being taken away or ignored. I hope you never become one of them. My challenge is to do what I can to preserve them till you are ready to do the same.

Impeachment as a process is only to be employed when a certain criteria has been established, mainly “High Crimes and Misdemeanors” proving an intent to change or influence in a criminal fashion conduct by a sitting President…. other people who “serve” in the Govt can also be impeached ie: Judges and Speaker of the House and the rest of the rabble elected to office. If there are no criminal charges, brought via criminal evidence, then Impeachment is impossible and a waste of time. Currently no charges of a crime have been offered or established only that the President is someone who isn’t a “sensitive person” someone not interested in whether he hurts someone’s feelings by what he may say or do in the course of his duties as a President. In other words he is a crude/crass/marginally disciplined man who doesn’t mince words and cares little who doesn’t like it. Yes “hey baby”….I voted for him just for that reason. So for three years running those who oppose the Christian ideal…who oppose the Conservative view…who oppose the freedoms guaranteed in the founding documents have waged an expensive, colossal, pitch a fit temper tantrum for the whole Country to see first hand. It is evil Avery…pure and simple. We will constantly be under fire for the belief we hold to so long as it is God who is our source and the Constitution and Bill of Rights is our protection against a rogue Government hell bent on forever changing the “Home of the Brave, Land of the Free”.  I know this is sort of a “rah rah” missive I am giving you sweetie but at least you are hearing it directly from me…..remember….anything you tolerate, you will always get more of”….and it’s happening right now making History.


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