Don’t crowd…..if you can avoid it.

You are two generations from me hey baby….a lot has happened in-between that span of time. There is simply too much to process that goes on around the World to take in and retain. Believe it or not it says in the Bible that there will be an explosion of knowledge that comes in those days that lead up to when the Lord will return. And while many people give no thought to whether the Lord is coming or not or even if there “is” a Lord to come, what doesn’t matter to the Lord is that belief or not, the day will come. I have succumbed to the “metro mindset” only in part. The “big city” as being the place to be for all things good in life….may I say that is a falsehood straight out of Hell itself. City life has been promoted as the coming lifestyle since the late 40’s after WWII was over and all the soldiers had returned home. A new prosperity and outlook to the future took over the Nation. The “internet” of those days were magazines delivered monthly (usually) right to your door. One in particular was “Better Homes & Gardens” and it was full of articles of how to fix up the home, build a home, decorate the home and tips and ideas throughout the pages on making a better future for the family. It promoted the infamous “sub-burbs” where people flocked to and built and started their dreams. Sometimes street upon street all around where sidewalks ringed the neighborhoods and they were built so fast that the entire neighborhood was devoid of any tree, shrub, bush only grass. New York City had about 8 million people in the year 2000…….with the rollover to the new year 2020 it is pushing 8.6 million (estimated because they don’t really know just guessing). I hope to council you about many things as you grow older and Lord willing I will hang around long enough to do just that and if not Grandma will take over. I came from a very small community of farmers. My home town was Ravenna Michigan current population around 1200 give or take and probably half that when I was still living there. It’s not even called a “town” it is referred to as a “village”. This is the kind of communal life I would wish for you. There is a different kind of safety in so small a place, the ability to move freely about, the ability to retreat to put space between your family and others who would invade your space in spite of how you might feel about it. A small group of people have deemed it a “planned goal” to have the majority of the people migrate to the big city. To literally cram as many as humanly possible into smaller and smaller space. High-rise Condo’s, and Apartments, townhomes and patio homes like where Grandma and I live in. High density living impact means just that, get folks to accept living in communal areas where the only space they have is held in check by the walls that they live “within”. Oh sure there are Parks and open space’s around where you can see a tree or bushes…strategically planted flowers to give the illusion that you are close to nature but do not buy into that deception. It’s all for a particular reason, the real purpose is not divulged. You will at some point experience “traffic”…you do now already but you are still in a car-seat and are moved around by your folks oblivious to the hassle of the daily occurrence.  You will hate “traffic”….it will become the bane of your existence. There is a reason for that as well. Want to know what it is??? It is never something that is clearly defined, always reported as a means of “progress” and “moving into the future”….sound familiar? It should, this has been planned and going on now for about a Century and in these past 4-5 decades it has been kicked into high gear. Here’s a mental picture I want you to see. There are many areas “outside” of the big city where cattle are kept/held in place so that when market demand is called for food/beef, the stock on hand is easily controlled and handy, the ability to get the supply to cover the demand to the market place….your local Grocery Store. They are called “feedlots” or “dry-lots”, and most people have never seen one much less driven by one in person. I have seen many and you actually notice the smell “before” you see the feedlot….yeh it’s that strong. The root desire that is common to “both” the feedlot and the Big City is “control”. Control on a very large scale. Just like the posts and beams that control all the cattle within the corral in which they are held… do the City Limits and highways that surround and intersect throughout the big City. Do you follow me here?? Additionally the call for more “bus routes or adding more lightrail service” like they do here to “help” people to get around and not need a car. Apartments/Condo’s/townhomes are strategically built near lightrail or subway stations. A top question to Real Estate Agents is if there is a bus stop or lightrail service nearby. It gives the impression that you are still free to come and go as you please and think of the savings because you won’t need a car so the gas/maintenance/insurance etc….you no longer have…..sounds great doesn’t it?

What do you think is going to happen when, for an example, the power….or the food supply…..or the ability to find fuel for your car or even water is stopped for any kind of reason??? Historical research has shown that it only takes about 15 days for Anarchy to break out, two weeks before people start to panic and lose reason and one of two things will come to light….people under duress are dangerous and so is the Government. They will call it what they always call it. “Martial Law”, curfews, controlled access space, house arrest…heck, you wouldn’t really want to go outside anyway for fear of being robbed raped or killed. I bring this to your attention not to scare you or to make you afraid of living. The truth of this is if 8.6 million people try to exodus in real life, in real time, the actual ability of being able to get “out” of the Big City will be non-existent…understand? Cars will be stranded on the highways, broken down or out of gas, accidents by people trying to get out of the city limits will snarl everything and there will be no tow-trucks able to get anywhere either. So now everyone is stuck. Millions will not escape and millions will die all because they can’t even do something as simple as get out of town. So if you think about it it’s by design that people are lured into living on top of each other just so they can be more easily controlled should something big happen, and if there is huge loss of life all the better because there will be less people consuming resources meant for others of power and wealth. The only thing that stands between this scenario and a better one is that you do not live within the city limits of a big city. Stay outside of it should even a small thing like a blizzard come through, you who have prepared for it will be snug and warm and safe till it be over. The New Year just got here, Grandma is in Las Vegas with her sister Aunt Linda and I am here home with Tia thinking of you. If the family is to survive hard times it only takes some planning and preparation to assure simple survival. Besides, your mom and Grandma “still” want a horse and last I checked there isn’t a good place in the City to have one so I will try to get them to both consider a place outside of it. Don’t tolerate the big City hey baby….your life will be better if you don’t….

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