Panic!…. yes or no?

To panic…. about anything really,  is simply not healthy Avery. Poor decisions often come from being made in haste or without taking a deep breath and a moment to pray before moving ahead. There will of course always be a number or group of people who will yearn to panic about whatever is troubling someone/anyone. Do not join them, push them away or retreat from where they are to a more peaceful place. Now this is not to say that you won’t be thrust into a situation where a quick decision will be required, (like when the homeless person attacked me) that reaction might come from a “fight or flight” scenario, but in those cases it is my hope that you will have taken time for some preparatory thought based on “what to do if” when you do have the time to think about it. Now you just spent three days with me and Grandma at our place and besides you tipping off of a bar stool at the kitchen counter you had a terrific time based on how you were when we dropped you off back home. We want you to know that our home is a safe place for you, a place where you can come and stay and feel secure without worry or fear. The same for your home where you live. But there will come the day when you will forge out into the real World where good life and bad life happen, that’s when things drastically change. You will make hundreds of decisions that can and will affect your life both in the short term and long term, some good ones….some not so good. The goal is to minimize the bad ones (obviously) and to accentuate the good ones (obviously). Then there will be times when it will be the decisions of “others” that will have an impact on you and how you live. Case in point is what is currently going on right now…..Coronavirus.

Today is the 18th of March and the level of Govt mandated closures and imposition has escalated daily, sometimes by the hour. There is a “sense” of panic going on across the Nation as people are realizing that life has now become complicated. Schools are closed, for weeks, maybe for the balance of the school year. Businesses are closed and people trying to figure out if they can work from home…most can’t. Restaurants and bars have had their hours cut and being restricted to only “take out” (if they can) or “drive thru” (if they can). Parades have been cancelled (St. Patrick’s Day for crying out loud), conventions and pre-planned events shut down for people who fly in for a week or weekend related to their business or positions within business. No NBA basketball or NHL hockey (no biggie), no College basketball (boring). No NASCAR stockcar racing (eh), no NHRA drag racing (love it but don’t go anymore)……but worst of all NO MLB MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL!!!! (this can’t be tolerated). Baseball is to resume playing (maybe) by the beginning of May….but the actual dates for any of these National pastimes is open and in flux. We don’t know and really neither do they. If you throw in the lead-up to the National Elections including the Presidency trying to go on at the same time people are panicking about whether they are going to die or have enough toilet paper (don’t ask I’ll tell you later), all of this has the intended purpose to confuse and distract not just this Nation and it’s People but it’s happening around the World. It started in China (don’t let anyone tell you different) back in early January of this year, so there has been at least two months of ignored buildup of it’s impending impact. Here is a quote stated by a man named Rham Emanuel, he was (still is) a lackey for former President Clinton and was even mayor of Chicago (don’t ask how), “never let a serious crisis go to waste”.   Ya get that? If you desire to take “advantage” of a troubling situation you say stupid stuff like that and it also reveals the heart of the individual and of those who feel the same way.

I was to fly back to Florida tomorrow and meet your Great Uncle Paul back to our old home for a funeral (my cousin Teddy died a week ago). There is a great cloud of indecision that has invaded the conscious minds of typically level headed people, but the decision to cancel the funeral by the Church has stopped the service and my flight. Not going. As someone who actually “believes” there is a great God who protects His People from evil things, including Coronavirus…I refuse to live in fear but caution is merited. Believe in your heart and think with your head, consider God and what He would have you do….and don’t panic when all around you have lost their minds. Lets see what happens…..

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