Evil exists…..and it’s coming for us.

Avery…. sorry for the dramatic sounding “header” posted above. But, the truth of the matter is….. the header is true. There will be times when it won’t matter how we live our lives or what our “opinion” may or may not be. It will only matter what we tolerate or ignore. It has been a month since I last wrote to you and the scenario of what was to be has become a reality today. The Corona-virus (China Virus is just as accurate) has grown and now dominates the Public domain and while the actual fear of this Flu virus has diminished, the media and those associated to them continue to expand and spread fear over the general populous. Perhaps now is the time I share with you a time tested visual that has been employed by Magicians for centuries. The Magician has long employed what is called “the mis-direction move” whereby he demonstrates with one hand what he “wants you to see”, while he enacts what he “doesn’t want you to see with his other hand”. Do you understand?  Some day you will, like generations before you, watch a movie called…. “The Wizard of Oz”…in this beloved movie (I’ve seen it many times myself) the girl Dorothy gets spirited away to a strange place during a Tornado. She discovers that there is someone who may be able to help her to find her way home… the Wizard of Oz. As she makes her way to Oz she comes in contact with different characters who also need to meet this benevolent person. The Wizard of Oz is portrayed as a “God like figure” who has the power to fix things…to change things…to answer our deepest doubts and questions. There is reference to both evil and to good within this story-line. The comparison to what is currently at hand is easily made,  like the Wizard of Oz is a character, today’s Government structure is trying to portray itself right now. Dorothy though discovers that the Wizard of Oz is in truth a fraud and the machinations he employs is there to deceive those who come looking for a solution to their problems. While Liquor stores and Pot stores are kept open being deemed as “essential”…. churches are deemed as “not essential” and closed by the State. Christians are being told that gathering together is dangerous and just today I saw where $500.00 tickets were given out to members of a church who gathered in their cars like a “Drive-In Theater” where no one was even close to the others and inside of their own cars, listening to the Service on their radios. Elective surgery has been stopped across the Nation as a way to keep Doctors and nurses free to care for those exposed to the China Flu and under its effects. Death from this affliction is real and it is quite easy to see where the biggest hot spots are in regards to this. The big Cities in question New York City as the primary one under fire. But then there is something else going on at the same time. Abortion clinic’s are still open for business and is there a more “elective” procedure than that???…. the underlying message here is clear, but not obvious to many.

Grandma is still working (thank God) and my work has slowed to a trickle. One great thing is that we came over to your house and spent time with you for Easter on Sunday as you looked for Easter eggs and presents we also brought for you. I took some pictures of the day that you will be able to couple with this love note to you. Our President is in a tough spot as he had through the recommendation of a certain group of Dr.s closed down the Nation for workers to stay harbored in their homes. Some 22-24 million workers now out of work. Thousands of business’s closed and soon to be forever out of business if this doesn’t turn around soon. The quote I posed to you in my last note is still true, perhaps more now than ever. “Never let a serious crisis go to waste”, Governors across the Nation in States that are headed by those who abide with Socialist ideals have also enacted onerous changes to existing laws that will further control a free People. Perhaps depending on where you choose to live your life the “Govt. Overreach” will still be in place when you get there or here if you choose to remain a native daughter to Colorado. Supposedly this imposed test to the Nation is to end in stages starting on April 26-27th here in Colorado….roughly three weeks from today. But between now and then a host of evil intentions and activity will be attempted by those who secretly hate this Nation…and some not so secretly. The Bible tells us that “we will know them by their fruit”. This is referring to how we can tell easily who are the one’s who intend evil not necessarily by what they say….but what they “DO”, how they act. If you gauge them by God’s Word you will instantly know who rules their hearts. So if what they do is evil and it is “tolerated” then you can guarantee….”that you will get more of”….

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