Sunday……old day or new day?

The image above is of perhaps my favorite of all Colorado Mountains. It is call Mt. Sneffels…I have climbed to it’s summit twice. It’s situated between Ouray and Ridgeway down where the rich and famous live and play in SW Colorado. I climbed it with two different friends the first time with Barry Dreher and then again with Sam Sandavol. Barry has since passed away and I don’t see Sam any longer with our lives having taken different paths. So the only thing that remains is the images I took and the memories that abide. I have gotten older now and due to a few of what I call life interruptions have not returned to the mountains to climb. The last “Fourteener” I climbed was Uncompahgre Peak almost 5 years ago. I had lost all of my climbing partners to one thing or another and had climbed my last three fourteeners alone. It’s beautiful and solitary and the hours between the trailhead and summit are consumed by prayer and self-evaluation, but then once you reach the top you quickly realize…..that you are only “half-way” done now the turn around and head back to where you started. I consider today….Sunday….either an example of a old day or perhaps a new day.  The China Flu (some people hate that I call it the China Flu as they prefer the more politically correct Covid-19) is still lingering. Still …. people are dying but the vast majority of those that pass are the already sick and struggling and elderly. The young…..healthy….active folks may still get ill, marginally or severe and fully recover, just like pretty much everyone else who has contracted a Flu of some kind….there are many. I see the time line of this non-event as having reached the summit and now comes the less dramatic time line where we are to return back to where we started, the beginning. The imposed sanctions that were deemed necessary over the entire Nation have begun to come off the rails as normal Americans watching their business’s and families falling apart have begun to push back and let it be known by protest and other measures that time is up for pointless fear and political delay tactics being imposed any further. Take note Avery that just because some mysterious affliction come and begin to cull away the Citizenry by no means is the Constitution become null and void and on hold. The Freedoms always exist and are guaranteed, that is all you need to remember.

Grandma is outside cutting out some dead grass and setting some bricks and paver-stones next to the side walk into the house. You will someday walk past them and perhaps this love note to you will come to mind. So while this is typical of your Grandma to do things like this historically on many a Sunday past, perhaps it can also be considered to be a new Sunday as her own declaration of shrugging off the restrictions of the past two months and going outside to enjoy the Sun and do something new. I still have not found what I consider regular work as people have now had instilled in them a fear of having anyone inside their homes. I have applied to many Companies supposedly looking for “Field Managers” or the like without success so a needed shout out to the Lord thanking Him that Grandma is actively working and putting up with me not doing much. As the restrictions are removed and People return to work (those that can if the job survived) what is sometimes referred to as “consumer confidence” will also return and the economy begin to recover. Then perhaps people won’t be afraid to have your Grandpa come in and improve their home. Not holding my breath at the moment. I am getting a lot done out to the cabin in the mountains for your future hideaway. We took your mom out there a few weeks ago just to see the progress we have made. You have been out there before we started the cabin just to get the wind in your face and cold down your neck…..ahhh it was wonderful. One day it will be yours to walk over and around, and you will still see the future as yet to be built personal tree house I plan for you as well in the mean time.


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