“Danged if we do….danged if we don’t

I have let additional time pass Avery since my last note to you. The dark “Powers that Be” have been busy trying to totally obfuscate (big word, learn it) all previously known normalcy. One of the more common statements floating around is “welcome to the new normal”, this is of course a “test” to see if you will “put up with” a “proposed new normal”. As far as I am concerned I will not accept anything less than how things were before this manufactured virus event happened. A couple things have happened in the intervening nearly two months since I last wrote you my love note. One was a decided up-tick in violent behavior somewhat directed at local Police Dept’s around the Country, one in particular in MN where a low level common criminal who passed a bogus check was caught and while being arrested was, without doubt, a victim of physical abuse on a citizen, who ended up dying as a result of having a knee on the back of his neck. All Hell broke lose from those who were “waiting” for such a thing to happen and over night violence broke out and along with it was an equally typical looting and robbery outbreak that spread across the Country as well. More recently has been the foolish and nonsensical desire of more opportunistic people to rid the Nation of Statues of various perceived racist or problematic historical figures. It is a perfect repeat of what the German Nazi’s did just prior to World War II and performed by the same societal group called Socialists…make note of that name and the group that ascribes to it’s tenants. There is an insidious undertaking also going on that once it is done you won’t be barely able to discern that it has happened. It is the “re-writing” of History….Historical accounts are being rewritten and changed to more align with a Socialist leaning take on how things happened. This happens in the Public School system for decades now.  The bitter pill of it is that today’s Liberal Left is more Communist than Socialist which is based on a Marxist formula and belief system. I have fought against them my whole life so that perhaps you might enjoy the same opportunities that I was blessed with….but sadly it takes more than me, Grandma, and some others to hold this evil at bay long enough for you to get a similar start at the grown up level. I record some points of these goings on suspecting that a fair amount of “today’s” History will also be re-written.

By now you have come to know me both in how we have grown together and trust each other. I don’t have any Earthly idea at what age you will be when these love notes written for you will be discovered. I try to write them for an age where they will make the most sense and be most valuable to who you are and who I hope you to be. So while the Constitution is both the second most hated and second most loved legal document ever written it is dwarfed by the hatred and the love ascribed to the first ranking Book the Bible. Please know that I have been praying for you since the day you were born and it has continued ever since right up to this morning…..and to the end of my life will I be faithful to pray and love you, just as I do your mom. I consider this endeavor to be mostly a capsule of daily life as it is lived. The Lord has been with me since my earliest recollection in life and I would hope that the same would be true for you as it is for your mom in the time that follows what I am writing to you. Your Aunt Heather has moved from Houston TX and now is staying here with Grandma and me. It is a change for all of us but one that we hope will be of greater benefit for Aunt Heather, so if you remember back when you see her in the future it is during these times that she came to us…..it will have been a month this coming Thursday she arrived. Work for me has picked up as the easing of the imposed foolish National lockdown for business has been reluctantly backed off of. I heard a statistic that 145,000 businesses have closed down forever from a report from a website called “Yelp” last week, that is only what they know about. I suspect it is three times that but many of these kinds of stats are purposely suppressed from the good folk. If we really knew how disastrous all this has become there would be a massive move of the People of this Nation to stop all this non-sense and put the American Dream back in business, I wish. In the future my love, do not tolerate anything even remotely like this happening again…..

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