In the midst of chaos…..a special moment.

Today I was given an out of the ordinary moment Avery. Your mom sometimes suffers from migraine headaches and this morning she was in great pain with no relief in sight. It was decided because I was not working today that I would come over and pick you up and take you to daycare/school. I was a willing “Huckleberry” and up for the challenge as I have not up to this morning ever taken you anywhere in the car BY MYSELF!! I promptly made my way over to your house to get you loaded up and on our way. Your mom helped me get you strapped into your seat in Grandma’s XTerra and off we went. Just a couple blocks over and we were on 470 heading West. We talked quite a lot…..well, “you” talked quite a lot I listened and tried to stay focused. You were quite interested in going up and down the hill as each passed us….then the big trucks caught your eye especially when they were traveling faster than I was. Some of the things you were saying were more of a conversation with yourself but then I would hear “Grandpa” and knew then you were directing your commentary to me. This morning I had evidence of minor construction injury on both my hands that you were very concerned about. You had first asked at your house when I had arrived and wanted to see them, you wondered if they hurt the same moment you stuck your finger in the middle of one…..yes Avery you did that ha ha. When I made a face you noted that it still was pretty fresh and then probed the other now vulnerable places of interest. Time to hit the road before you poked each and every one of them. Trees on your side of the car were noticed and commented on and then a very tall crane appeared that you wanted to drive. You included me in everything you saw and I was tempted to continue on past the appointed exit that led to your school and keep this moment in time going. But….I dutifully turned off and made our way the balance of the way to the Goddard School. Now, I was given specific instruction on how to get on my stupid a** mask and get your backpack….and inside that was your lunch that goes on the “cold cart/table” and then down two rooms on the right and inside the “Puppy Room”, cute eh? After I got you inside having both of our temperature taken  (you 98.7/ me 98.5) we were directed inside the next space where I was taking out your lunch bag being careful not to forget to keep the backpack and put it in your cubby inside the Puppy Room. Well you kept right on going down the hall while I was wrestling your lunch out of the pack leaving old Grandpa behind. All good though as I had made an amazing recovery and closed the gap between us and you did sorta wait for me a little. Now…..all of these goings on from your house to standing at the door into your classroom and waiting friends was great but….it wasn’t the special moment I am referring to in the title header. No Avery it was the moment inside the room, as I was hanging your backpack on the hook in your cubby you had already sat down and the table nearby. I saw you there now with your attention focused on those sitting on the floor in front of you and the teachers making note of your arrival to the others there. I paused and took a moment looking at you there. You had on a black skirt and white and orange shirt on with a big orange bow on your blonde head…that is when the moment happened I am a little embarrassed to say. As I turned away and exited the door I said to you….”have a good day Rachel”. It was out before I realized I had said it and when I did I made a mental note that I must be getting old….and it would be true but I still enjoyed the brief trip down memory lane as I used to take your mom when she was the same age to a place called “A Child’s Place”…..only thirty years earlier.  So while you are the apple of my eye and loved so deeply by me I will tell you that your mom was an answer to prayer that I lifted to Almighty God that He would give me a daughter of my own…..and He honored my request. I would not have had such a memorable moment this day were it not for you being with me. I hope we get to have a point in time where we can talk about how great it was…..

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