People are mean….even good one’s….

“The more things change the more they stay the same”…. it’s an old saying that is often used when trying to get your mind wrapped around why things go the way they do. At the moment it is in full swing with the voting date for the Presidential Election approaching. You may/will discover when you are all grown up and actively involved in life that you are often left with the “Official Political Conundrum” at election time….do I once again vote (and you must) for “the lessor of two evils”? In my lifetime Avery the landscape of our National lives has never been more at risk. This too is often declared every four years but if I am to be honest with you (and I am) something has really changed that started almost four years ago when Trump was elected. History is written by the winners and almost never by the losers, and four years ago it is believed by me and others that God stepped in and thwarted a rigged election that would have set in motion the end of American Sovereignty and replaced with a Global construct….in other words individual freedom would be gone and Socialistic oppression in it’s place. The chosen Candidate (Hillary Clinton) was “deemed” to be the de-facto winner before the votes were cast, then God stepped in and changed the assumed outcome. Ever since then the fight to turn the ship from the abyss and back to the “Republic” has been underway. Trump has done this with little to no help from “either” side of the Political Spectrum, that is another way to recognize that God was in this from the beginning. I would have to write a 10,000 word missive to paint the evil picture that has grown out of the hatred of the current President and what he has accomplished.

Under the guise of “peaceful protest” terror has been implemented across the Nation and people have become mean, violently so. Police Officers have been killed/ambushed and bystanders shot. In Portland OR this kind of activity has been going on for over 100 days. Cities that are in the middle of Democratic management (Mayor/City Council members etc) have been over run by paid provocateurs bused in or flown in to create havoc with the goal of affecting an election. Something else now has come to light….good people who have done their best to honor Nation Health concerns (China Flu), who have lost jobs, or had their business forever closed or burnt to the ground or looted. Have decided that the only way to overcome this oppression is to become mean themselves. Good people who’s backs are now against the wall have begun to push back. Here in your birth State the Gov has done his part to oppress it’s citizens by starting and continuing a “mask mandate” State wide and in all Public areas, even though the China Flu is basically non existent above the common cold levels. God hates war but He has throughout History raised up great men and women who have taken the fight to the enemy of freedom. So by the time you are reading this many years will have passed and you will be able to look back and take note of who the good people were who had to get mean to turn the tide of evil so that perhaps you would have continued freedom for your own family.

You came over to our house last weekend and I will get to see you again tomorrow, Grandma is going to be cooking ribs. I am still lower on the “pecking order” than Grandma but you are coming around my way a little more each year….soon I hope to be tied for NUMBER #1. I see your mom in your face and actions from when she was little and now it looks like you will not be the only child as another has been announced to us a couple weeks ago. I’m hoping that your mom and dad will wait and see with a gender reveal for the actual day he/she arrives so we can all be surprised together. I hope that I can keep this process going for awhile to generate a portfolio of thought to help you balance your Spiritual life with your Earthly life and should I not be here as long as I would like I can still speak to you about important things…. like how much I love you “hey baby. Remember…don’t tolerate poor behavior, you know what will happen…..

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