One Milepost reached….one in sight.

We got to see each other yesterday, a gathering at your house. Two Birthdays on tap celebrated together as we always do. Uncle J and mine even though he is on the first and I am on the second…(missed it by 4 hours, you can ask Grandma Lisa why it didn’t happen on the same day). It was mostly family and three friends as Brett and Gail Spencer who we love and have joined us for so many things. They don’t have children so they have adopted our family and kids as their own, and one other good friend of mine who I have worked together with for maybe 15 years Lonnie Moreland. There was plenty of food as always those who were invited and didn’t show I have made note of. You were doing laps as usual around every one and at one point hide behind me while we were eating cake at the long table. I took a picture of you with my camera phone that found you standing there. I still have it. The Birthday occasion this year though standard was still one for Uncle J and me that solicited a year of Historical making. I turned 65 and Uncle J hit 40, “mid-life and old-life” milestones to be sure. I had only a couple weeks earlier decided to take the step those of my generation must take and choose to sign up/register for Social Security Compensation….. “retirement”. I had….with help from Grandma….decided to end the temptation of returning to the Field Manager Career which nearly cost me my life one afternoon. And return to how it all started for me as a simple Contractor/Installer. Money is less of course but the anxiety of dealing with the lack of skills or motivation of “others” to do a good job still haunts me so…no….I’ll rely on my skills and motivation and the Lord to satisfy the balance of my life however long that may be..

You being in our World now has influenced many of the “how and why’s” of the things we do. Grandma continues to dote on you every second your together with her, and I simply wait my turn when you notice I am still there monitoring your progress. We did color for a few minutes together before the Birthday celebration got going. I am patient, I will wait for you. While the significance of what I will call “semi-retirement” still looms I wanted to do something else that was significant to me and will be a help to remember when I Officially started the change….I will collect my first check on your Birthday and your fourth Birthday will start it. It will allow me to help your mom and dad with those things that they can’t get to or have time for. It will also put you and me together more as you grow older and more challenged with life. I desire to be there as long as possible to be behind you as you find your way…should you need to, simply turn around and one of us will be there.

While all of this is going on the almost comical chaos (if it wasn’t so filled with evil) continues as we close in on the National Elections. Ruth Bader Ginsberg a Supreme Court Justice died at 87…. this opens the door to perhaps another God-fearing Constitutionalist that could help the Nation and it’s Citizens to survive a little longer to be appointed by President Trump. Maybe then we can hand over to you a better place to grow up not a worse place. I for one will be elated once the election is over with the hope that perhaps then the Country can move on back to civility and a more normal expectation. Masks are still a requirement (stupidly) to enter nearly all establishments, this act of forced control I hope will also go away once a second term for Trump is in place. There is so much that happens just out of sight Avery, just under the surface that’s soul goal is to chip away at what makes America great. Freedom and self-reliance should be the order of the day….but….there are growing numbers of people who have been taught that servitude and things that should be “fair” is what you are supposed to want. What that truly ends up to mean is that “everyone will share misery equally”…..and you will be poor as you are doing it. Not for me and if I can help it not for you either. Remember….”whatever you tolerate” my love, you know the rest….


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