Cheaters will cheat…..

I’ve been holding off with this missive to you hoping that more things will have been solved or discovered. The water has only become more cloudy. The election has come and gone and just as I predicted 6-7 months ago voter fraud has been so widespread as to be laughable if it were not so serious a blow to the Nation and your future….sorry “hey baby” but evil has made inroads deeper into your long term future and my short term. The Lord continues to sit on His Throne and in light of that fact I have to force myself to be patient and see what He has in store in spite of what the evil doers have in store. The tepid China Flu has been employed as a public constraint to allow for “Mail In Ballots” to be dispersed by the millions (literally) especially within those States that are run/managed by democrat leadership at the State and local level. I don’t know what History will be told but down through History the winners always get to write it. I, in a small way, try to touch on a couple things so you have some sort of facts to hide inside. I was not a Trump fan though I am now….because I was a Rand Paul guy, I loved his dad as well Ron Paul. They believe in small Govt and tend to lean towards what is called Libertarian policy. I have settled my policy stances half Conservative half Libertarian. Not Republican per se’ but close enough to see it from here. I don’t believe in a “living” Constitution, the Constitution says what it says and while it is written “on paper” it is clearly a foundational document held within stone. The big thing (every four years) is the Liberals once again are pushing/demanding that the Electoral College “must” be eliminated. I hope it is still in place when your time comes to shape the Nation you are given. It must always be/remain in place as it is the only thing that keeps the massive Cities from overriding all the small individuals that live between the Coasts. From a spiritual standpoint there are dark days now on the Horizon and Nations are positioning themselves for a time soon coming where great conflict will happen. I have been preparing for such a time and I hope I can have everything in place for you before it either gets here or the Lord call me home. There is so much I desire to share with you and help shape your future so that no one can catch you flat footed or off guard…..but this is my back up plan should that fail.

Socialism is on the Menu for the immediate future. Each and every time a new group of followers are in places of authority our freedoms and liberty are chipped away….little by little so as not to raise too much attention. The original plan to eliminate this Nation has been in place since 1913 but even before that those who hold fast to a Global Citizenry are very close now to having their way as America is the single last vestige of what can be considered a free society in the World, the last peg to fall so to speak. I wish it were otherwise but in a sense I can’t wait too long to see how it goes because things need to be made ready for what may come, and assuredly it will. A rush is on currently for a purported Vaccine for the China Flu. Even though this virus has been around and well documented since the mid 50’s and zero desire to create a Vaccine to cure it has ever been addressed. So why now? The lock down demands are back as the goal to keep people separated from each other so that the normal method of cure and prevention can’t take place. Every year has a Flu Season and influenza comes with it…..every year. Not ONE year prior to this has any of this population control been declared. So again why now? The desire to establish a New World Order is knocking on the door and when it comes (and it will) your Grandpa will have prepared a place for you and yours. The Lord is coming without doubt but we will need to hang on till He does.

Grandma and I hung up your Christmas light on Friday (put up mine too on Thursday) I was told by your mom that you were squealing with joy when you arrived home. We beat the typical snow blast or cold blast that always seems to come just before I can get them up. So let it snow or be cold cause they are up now. (Snow forecast for tomorrow….ha). I had wanted to keep the gender of your future sibling a secret so I could be surprised on the big day but blabbermouth Grandma spilled the beans. Chatting on the phone with a close friend (Gail Spencer) across the room from me without thinking just sharing away out it came. I never get my way around these people, glad I have a garage here and a cabin out there. You guys are coming over for Thanksgiving on Thursday (can’t wait) but Uncle J and Aunt Gina will be MIA (missing in action) using the China Flu as an excuse not to come. Aunt Heather will be here and I invited another friend to come as his family life has become non-existent since his marriage fell apart (Jeremy Ruff) he is my wood guy as well from years past and he is doing all the wood at the cabin as well. Not sure how all this will go but we’ll give it a shot and no matter what Grandma and I will dote on you and chase you around the kitchen as you do your laps over and over every time. Just remember: “Anything you Tolerate you will always get more of”…..

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