The waiting is the hard part….

Well Avery the problem with time is that it always “takes time” for time to pass. But if you wait long enough you will get there (wherever there might actually be). Sorry for being cryptic but sometimes there is merit in doing so. I wanted to record a couple things for you that might help you recognize things for what they are. You are still only four (going on 24) and as the China Flu debacle is ebbing somewhat by now (April 2021) a slightly reduced amount of State and Federal control is being waged against us. The terms I am using are for dramatic purposes only, but they are accurate. You will learn as you experience some milestone passages like living on your own and perhaps one day marry then perhaps one day raise a family that the freedom to just live your life will be encumbered by people in “authority” who want nothing more than to control everything you want to do. Seldom will those who desire to dominate you come out directly with their plan to subject you and those you love to an outright forceful climate. This Nation is the last one standing as far as having even “suspected freedom” and I hope that by the time you take your place that there will still be some freedoms left for your kids should you have any. A couple days ago one of my favorite institutions revealed that there were those of a certain political and ideological bent running the show therein. MLB, major league baseball decided to pull this years All Star Baseball Game from Atlanta Georgia and move it to, of all places, here to Denver where the Rockies play. The Baseball Commissioner (don’t even know his name) publicly stuck his nose into State politics crossing a century old practice of staying OUT of politics because you don’t want to alienate perhaps half of your potential fan base. Georgia State Government passed some changes to the voting process that did two things. First it made it “easier” to get to a polling place to cast your vote by adding venues and extending the time with which you have to get there to vote, that is fact #1….then they changed or established “how” you can vote by having absentee voters prove they are who they are by presenting an ID as legal verification that you are who you say you are. You would think that would not be a problem as the myriad of daily things that you have to show proof of ID just to get through the day, even to order a beer, its because those who are pushing an evil agenda want the ability to have dead people and illegal aliens and felons casting votes for their plans to secure “their permanent” place in power which frees them up to have control over everything you want to do….. be careful with freedoms because once lost people almost always have to die to get them back. Sorry my love but that is how it really is. Our current President (Biden) has an almost certain brain affliction that prevents him from posing two minutes of cognizant thought. He is mostly out of the public eye and the Vice-President (Harris) is most certainly performing duties much like what happened back when Woodrow Wilson was in a similar physical condition and “his wife” was thought to have made important decisions. You can look that up (1917) to see if that hasn’t been re-written history by then.

Encouraging news from a couple tests Grandma went through yesterday, one a MRI and the other a PTScan to look in on what all the previous treatments have wrought both radiation and chemo. The preliminary findings is that the lung tumor has significantly reduced in size as she transitions into the next therapy starting in two weeks. Immune Therapy which uses your own immune system to continue the fight will happen twice a month for a year. Prognosis is good and Grandma can share with you at some future date what it was like to go through such a frightening process and time. I hope to be there as well but I am almost 7 years older than Grandma (yeh I married a hot young chick) so yet another reason I am writing these love notes to you. I may not be here. Through it all the Lord is to be praised as there are a cloud of people who are praying for her (perhaps a couple for me as well) so take me as a witness Avery to the legit power of prayer. But what if the news had not been good?, what if things had worsened for Grandma? Would God still be praised? Yes my love….as hard as that is to understand, the fact that everyone dies and in all kinds of different ways will come without exception, no one is exempt. But…..we must know that there are two very different destinations to consider. Your mom and dad, Uncle Justin and Aunt Heather, Grandma and me as well, have thrown our hat into the ring of Christ as Savior and put our trust in Him to bring us to the destination where He dwells. My mom and dad will be there as well as countless other family all waiting for our (and your) arrival when the time comes. I suspect though that in the coming months and years the freedom to worship will be abolished and those of us who are followers of Christ (Christians) will be persecuted simply because of our faith in the Lord. It is a reality that is coming to light even now and truth be told we are almost powerless to stop it unless the Lord intervene. So just know that this place is not our home or final destination as our ending here merely takes us to a new beginning in another place made just for us.

You came by to see us for a few hours last week. Oh we had a time…..Aunt Heather picked you up from school and brought you right to our place. We ate and ran around (you mostly) and then I shared with you one of my “Icee frozen pops” (personal fav) and you were in love…with the pop…not so much with me as Grandma is the one you currently adore. I understand cause it’s the same for me too. Easter this year (last weekend) had perhaps the best weather since I moved here 19 years ago. It was warm and clear and I was out to “your” cabin still trying to get it done. Still a ways to go but got the hickory wood up on the wall in the master bedroom and a few other things moved forward. While I’m building it just for Grandma my intention is really looking past her to giving it to you through your mom and because your little brother hasn’t arrived yet I will worry about how he will fit in with all this at a later date. When you were getting ready to leave for home last week I was sitting in the side chair having an ice-cream right out of the small container (because I can that’s why). I called you over and much to Grandma’s dismay I gave you two more bites of what I had. Just to send you on your way with a good taste in your mouth and a good feeling in your little heart. Looking forward to the time when you and I can head out to the cabin and hang there doing cabiny things. There is much for you to learn about how the World works but just as much to learn how to get “away” from the World when you need to. You know the slogan Avery….repeat it now.

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