Memorial Day…..different this time.

Well Avery…..I let almost two months go past before I added to the “line-up of love” to you. With so much happening and evolving daily I thought it best to see what is going on a little longer. The Governmental interference has begun to lose strength and people are beginning to push back in “every” State including here where we are. The “test” that has been tried is losing steam and the Federal level attempt to get “everyone” vaccinated has lost forward momentum. Some States have even set up a “Lottery” to win just to get a few more to take the poison. If someone laid down one million $$ cash on a table before me and said “this is for you if you will take the jab” I would refuse it with ease. History will reveal that these purported “vaccines” are really “gene therapy” with eternal consequences down the road. Already thousands have died from the shot and tens of thousands injured. Of course the manufacturers knew this was coming as each and every single one asked for and received what was called EUA. What this does is absolves these Corporations of any responsibility when adverse reactions come to light and those who have take the shot have NO recourse to sue for damages/death. Pretty sweet deal….EUA stands for “Emergency Use Authorization”, so where do you think this asked for and received authorization comes from you might ask??? Well the Federal Government of course. I now want you to think for a moment of what that means Avery. Who’s side does it appear that the Government is really on? Well…..who are those that are dying?….the excuse that is given is you “take the shot” because you actually care for your fellow man in order to protect others. Does it sound like the Govt really cares for it’s citizens by giving protection to the Corporation making the known poison?? Commit these things to your memory my love because most certainly they will arise again when “thinning the herd” will come around again. It’s about population control as there are those who believe that there are too many people in the World. This is a thought process that is promoted…not by God….but by His adversary. Our Bible says that we are not really fighting against other people (flesh) but against things unseen (spiritual beings). But….it is true that good and evil have divided “ALL” people on one side or the other. So be careful who you trust and who you support. Never ever follow or support anyone who says one thing but does another. This is how you recognize those who promote evil over good. They will often tell you what you would like to hear to gain your support but then once in position they will renege on that promise and promote what they are told to. Now if you see them following the promises made (like Rand Paul does and Dan Crenshaw and others currently doing this) then they deserve your support and rally behind them so that they know they are not alone. I am not wearing the mask and only wore it when I specifically needed to get something important over the past 15 months. The relaxing of these unconstitutional mandates is going away finally in the States where “Liberals” rule the people like ours. Others where conservative beliefs are established did away with the mandates months ago like Florida and Texas. God still sits on the throne and wherever His people stand with Him He will honor them with success. You do likewise when your time comes to stand…..

We are coming over to your house today for a cookout. Even though it is raining and chilly, don’t matter we are going to celebrate the holiday anyway. Grandma is making her famous coleslaw and some mac & cheese from scratch no box stuff for you. This year will be even a little bit better with the arrival of your brother “Billy Jack” (our nickname just for him) and Aunt Heather as well. Your Great Uncle Pete is coming tomorrow so that him and I can go work on your cabin for a full week. Things are progressing nicely though slowly sometimes. My goal is to have it done before Thanksgiving so that we can have a big “Hootenanny” out there for everyone. We are going to work on the big shed and try to get the big logs up at each end of the cabin (fancy you know). Grandma and I are giving the cabin to you and CJ to keep for your own enjoyment with your mom as the caretaker till the time is appropriate for you to have it. Lots of fun (If I’m here long enough) will be had by you and me out there as a result. There is much I desire to teach you and CJ along the way and the safety that the cabin will offer when the time comes when the big city isn’t a good place to be.

Grandma’s health challenge is ongoing but we are winning the fight as she is now two months into the Immuno Therapy. The plan for now is to have an update MRI and PETscan in July to see how well the treatment is working. She is feeling stronger and her hair is growing back faster now (sadly mine isn’t) which is good news for her and not so good for me…..but that is why I have plenty of hats. Of course by the time you read this you will already know how things eventually worked out for me and Grandma. I’ll remind you “hey baby” that this World is not our home and one day the test that is life will be satisfied and the Lord will establish His new Kingdom that will include all of us as well….how great is that? I have been working over to your place lately building a nice new workout gym for your dad in the third car garage. I’ll put some preparatory touches when I come over today and then the drywall is to start wednesday next week……”exciting”. I am looking forward to seeing you even though Grandma will garner the lion’s share of your attention (she is pretty great) I can wait my turn whenever it comes….and remember my little love….”anything you tolerate, you will always get more of”…..

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