Which way to go….

It has been a little longer between chapters than I wanted Avery but life can come at you pretty fast sometimes. There are always two or more levels of happening going on all the time. There is the World actions, then the National actions, and in descending order from the State to the local to personal actions. In the World actions the China Flu is being used to box in people, to limit their access to have free to roam activities, and to freely interact with each other. I will say this plainly to you my love, evil is being forced upon all people across the World and we should understand clearly what and who is behind the face of evil. From a spiritual view it is easy….Satan is at work and the reason is he knows he has a timeline he is working from with the return of the Lord at hand. I believe it will be in my lifetime but maybe not but I should hope during your lifetime. Spiritual consideration set aside there is the practical aspect of it all as well. When a plan is formulated and then put into action it takes people to bring it to life. There are many reasons people find themselves caught up in these activities. The most common and perhaps the oldest form of control is simply “blackmail”. Someone gets dirt on someone else and uses exposure of it to keep someone in line or force someone to do the opposite of what they would normally do were they not under threat of destruction. Do you understand? Because there “isn’t” any term limits at the National Political level of “service” except with the Presidency you can pretty much count on each and every one of the main players are under the blackmail pressure. They are allowed to say this and say that to sound or come across as tough on this or that but because the Founding Fathers have put in place this little thing called the National Record whereby each and every word and each and every vote is recorded to the record books. So is you would like to see and read what any particular Congressman or Senator has said and how they voted you can find it. The most confounding thing they have to recon with is the “video record”. Sometimes what they object to and defend one way will be totally flip flopped to the other over the course of a few years. This is how you recognize someone being manipulated in some nefarious way. A famous statement once said by a politician is “I was for this before I was against it”. See what I mean? So over time you can see how living with all the power and pleasure and privilege can set you up to be controlled if you make a misstep over the course of 30-40 years in place which some of them have. State and locally the mask mandate is once again raising it head and it will affect you as well. You are starting back in school and you will have a mask on your face. This has only detrimental effect as the most common level of understanding is these stupid masks cause more issues than they protect against, so it’s a matter of control trying to get the population at large to kowtow (bow) to the “powers that be”. Many people would call your Grandpa a “conspiracy theorist”, that’s fine because they are not willing to do the research required to know better, they are lazy and if asked seldom are able to back up their opinion either way….and every conspiracy theory is begun with a kernel of truth that will end up being the basis of discovery and revelation leading to what will become a fact. By the time you are reading these love notes to you the theory of many of these things will be history to you. Even now I am trying to set up a place of sanctuary for you and those you love to retreat to once I am gone. I hope I have enough time to get it done. There will always be those who’s desire is to have their opinion turn into their desire to impose their will over you. So NOT let that happen. If I may say to you the old axiom “opinions are like assholes, everybody has one”. Crass I know my love but you get my point. People here have guaranteed freedoms from the Constitution but because the majority of living Americans have NEVER even read the thing they will not know when freedoms are taken away. Don’t be like them. They are lazy and stupid and careless to allow something so precious to be stolen that will ultimately lead to their becoming put into subjugation….little more than slaves. Their freedoms of expression ends at the tip of your nose, anything beyond that is inviting an unwelcome response. See to it that those who would take or talk of reducing freedoms you enjoy are brought up short and harshly so that the uncomfortable feeling will remind them that those kind of ideas will not be tolerated…..because you will always get more of it if you don’t…….

Today your mom and I are going to see the Colorado Rockies play ball. We have been planing to go for awhile. It is a Father’s Day gift for me. Your mom is my great treasure and getting to spend time with her these days is no easy task. With your little brother now here and you demanding of her time makes opportunity like this few and far between. It’s what happens when you have a family of your own to care for. Grandma and you have been going to the pool here lately. Last weekend your mom and Aunt Heather and you came over and had a great time swimming and playing around. I forget what I was doing but I heard all about it. Grandma is holding her own even though another lesion was discovered on her brain about 6 weeks ago. It was frightening at the moment but the Dr. treated it with another radiation treatment that he believes is all she will need to take care of it because it was caught early. We will get another MRI in a month to see if it is dead and not a threat any longer. The Lord is walking us through these deep waters all the while we are trying to live and plan for the hear and now and the future. It’s not easy but Grandma is made of stout stuff and I just walk along behind her. I am still working and doing what comes my way, I am also finishing your dad’s gym in the third car garage, I was pretty close the other day when a material problem set me back so I have to start over with one of the last things I had left to do. But I am close to having it done. You still give the lions share of your attention to Grandma, I am content to sit in the background as you are loving on her. You are her great treasure so it is a match made in Heaven. I’m sure my time will come as I do get moments of focus as you pass by. I still have your mom who makes me feel special and needed which is great and normal. When I pass from this life to the next she will be heartbroken I know, but in the end we will all be together in the place where the Lord is and you Hey Baby will be their in our midst….

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