Not out of the Woods….yet.

I thought I would wait till things settled down before I wrote you again….that took awhile. An amazing amount of things have happened in the two and a half months since my last effort to you “hey baby”. While Grandma was still moving through the cancer zone and the treatment associated she is holding her own, and the future is more clear that she will still be with us for a long time. That being said the struggle went from us to the Cole family. The China Flu is still around though mutating into another strain of Flu….that’s pretty much what all flu’s do if they hang around long enough. There is also still a “fear campaign” being waged throughout the Nation as those who are up to something are also still up to something. The caveat with this is the China Flu finally hit our family….you guys. Your dad we suspect got it from someone at work and brought it home and shared it with your mom and C.J., you somehow initially tested negative even though you were completely immersed and surrounded with carriers, more on that in a second. Your dad went to the hospital (ER) and was released back home whereupon he got worse and was returned to the VA and admitted. He was in trouble and the virus was taking charge of him physically and your mom who was also feeling the effects of the Flu was left to care for you and C.J. alone. Then C.J. got worse and was taken to the hospital as well and we had to call upon your Uncle Justin to help out by taking you in so your mom could focus on your brothers care. She was out on her feet trying to care for everyone but herself so I left the cabin in the mountains in the middle of the night and drove to the hospital where your mom and brother was so she could sleep and I could watch C.J. through the night. By morning your mom had slept a little and your brother was improving and I hung around until it was decided that he would stay one more night then go home. So after being around two China Flu victims for 12 hours I returned directly to the mountains taking precaution to not get around Grandma. It is possible that she had it very early on in Jan of 20′ because she was sick for 5 weeks and got over whatever it was. It was before there was a public announcement that there even “was” a China Flu out there. Uncle Justin and his wife had both taken the China Flu vaccines (two doses) and you had, as I said, tested negative for it. They took you in and within a couple days it was discovered that the wife tested positive for the China Flu and then Uncle Justin tested positive even though they both had received the shots.

From the time the vaccines were touted as world savers people by the millions took them….many died….many more injured by the unpredictable side effects, which are still happening by the hour. We were told if you got the “jab” you were protected and could return to a normal living practice. Well guess what….that was just “one” of many lies told and spread to the general population. As it turns out Justin and his wife had gone down to Pueblo to visit her family and promptly brought it back home where you got it. They shared it with you even though they proudly bragged about having taken the shots and were quite verbal in regards to those of us who did not buy into the hype of the vaccine and it’s safety and effective protection. So you test positive even though you had shown little more than a sniffle as a result….(Vellenga gene pool in effect.) I have not had so much as a sniffle or cough in two years and I have never in my life taken a Flu shot of any kind and I’m not about to start. So today you and C.J. and mom came over to visit me. It was a hoot and you were in rare form and undaunted with what has killed many others and put terror into the hearts of millions. We had lunch (from Cain’s) and then played together while C.J. slept in front of the fireplace. Grandma was down in Florida visiting her mom and sisters so I had you all to myself. I even held C.J. for a time as we were getting used to each other. So life continues even though there is a great deception going on in the Public Square. A great evil is coming “hey baby” and I’m afraid there is nothing I can do to even slow it down. But what I can do is prepare and plan to protect this family circle in a way that hopes to preserve some form of health and safety for family left behind should the Lord call me home sooner than I think. I would prefer to be around to see what kind of man you might marry (hold out not for the one who can “live with you”…but for the one “who can’t live without you”). If I make it by then I will have shared with you the mileposts to look for and the pitfalls to avoid in your journey through life.

I have through these revealing few weeks decided to do something I never gave much thought to. I had planned on gifting my old 72′ Honda motorcycle to Uncle Justin when I passed among other things but have decided to sell that one and another 74′ Honda together (if possible) because I have been given an old 1951 Chevy 3100 pickup truck. Man is it rough, the engine is busted, the back of the bed to it is rotted away and the paint is various shades of a sorta blue…’s a beautiful thing. Grandma is totally confused and see’s only junk….I see perhaps the coolest vehicle I have ever owned. The plan is to take the funds from the sale of the Honda’s and put it into the Chevy and make a perfectly operating pickup that….well….doesn’t look like a trailer queen never driven around. Besides I am actually getting pretty close to finishing the cabin (maybe by next Spring) so I will need something else to work on when I’m done and Grandma and you are hanging around inside the place. While Grandma is the love of my life your mom remains my greatest treasure, but you are making up ground every year perhaps closing in on your mom. Aunt Heather is doing pretty good and I think she is happy and secure for perhaps the first time in her life. She loves Colorado and her job and I wish I got to see her more often but she is carving out a life of her own in her own way, and I’m happy with that. You guys took Tia back to your house for a few days while I return to the mountains to work, Grandma will return from Florida next Sunday November 7th and then I should be around home for awhile….looking forward to that. Whenever you feel like things are simply out of your control “hey baby” and you find yourself not living free and clear but day by day or even hour by hour like we were when your dad and C.J were sick. Stop….sit down….pray. Before you even get to this position, especially when things are going well, remember especially then to thank your Heavenly Father for what He has done, what He is doing, and what He will do in the future, for you. It’s how we have made it through this life no matter what has come. That is my best advice to you, just ask your mom how it has worked for her. She will tell you….and one more thing…”anything you tolerate. You know the rest.

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