What will you do when the time comes?….

More time seems to pass than I would like it too before I return to our ongoing love notes to you. But when life gives you lemons can lemonade be far off? I suppose that there will be an untold number of references and critiques, books and articles that will be written about the time frame window we are finally emerging from. At the time of my writing this to you the China Flu deception is finally getting enough push-back from the People that the infernal mandates are being lifted across the Country. As well they should, because there is a growing amount of hidden and differed information coming to light that exposes it for what it really was. A means to eliminate a large portion of a number of things related to the World Population. There is a group of people Avery that do not like us, in fact they hate what we stand for. The love of God first then Country then family for the benefit of community. Freedom of self-determination is not granted by the Government it is granted by God and is not something “others” can take from us. Well….not without a fight. So I have a copy of the Constitution and relating documents I have had that is a very unique edition printed in 1960. They are special replicas of the original documents, I give them to you as part of a legacy of knowledge that may or may not be in effect by the time you acquire them. At five years old you are a long way from getting them but I will make sure that you will have it either from Grandma or your mom. It is my wish that you treasure it as I do. In the news yesterday Russia is dancing around the border of Ukraine either just outside the border or just inside the border. It has taken over the headline news now that compromising information is coming to light as to what the Covid-19 flu is really about. You see if you get it the admitted survival rate says that you have a 99.7% chance of survival. I hope you notice and understand what I just said to you. Only a few will die of it and the ones that do are those who have other afflictions already and this flu just as pneumonia would, contribute to their death. Here’s where it gets nasty, I just read where in Canada that the death rate of those who are currently dying is 7 out of 10 are those who are considered “fully vaccinated”. This is something we are all learning (well….I knew what was coming at the onset) and growing outrage is only now beginning. What this means is that the “vaccine” is the vehicle of death given to a World Population driven by fear, delivered by the Media and by those who do not want us around. The Govt is at the base of this inflicted terror from the CDC/FDA and all State and Local Health Departments. Many now are backpedaling trying to cover their proverbial ass’s or heading for the hills. A great evil has been committed against the human race and we are learning the truth of who it is who lead us to mass death. Remember these names: Bill Gates/Anthony Fouchi/Klaus Schwab/George Soros just to name a few. These people have conspired to create genocide, but understand this Avery, everything…..all of it….at it’s core is Satanic and these and perhaps thousands of others serve their master Satan. Satan’s goal is to kill and destroy all things created and loved by God. Namely us…. those of us who love God and His Son our Savior Christ Jesus. Right now Canadian citizens are fighting against its puppet leader Justin Trudeau, they are struggling to get back freedoms taken under the guise of enforcing China Flu mandates. So Truckers are protesting by clogging up the streets of Ottawa with their big rigs. Trudeau is imposing more draconian measures against peaceful citizens hurting the elderly men and women and trying to impose Martial Law. This is what evil does to enforce control…. at the barrel of a gun and power of the boot. The end result is still to be decided as this has only been going on for a couple weeks now. It’s Winter up there so people will be fighting for their lives and for their freedoms at the same time.

Grandma and I spent the day with you on Monday for Presidents Day. Your school/daycare was closed and your mom was forced to work from home. So we came over and watched you and C.J. for the day so she could work without interruption. We played Barbie…for some reason you did not know where Ken’s clothes were so I was not going to play “naked Ken” with you. Grandma watched over C.J and his never ending runny nose. We had McDonalds for lunch and we colored for a bit afterwards. It was fun but at the moment Grandma picked up a sore throat and stuffy head from C.J sneezing in her face while changing a diaper. She will be fine in a couple days because we are supposed to come over again for the weekend to watch you both while mom and dad go hang out together and have a break from family overload. They need it and we sorta like you a little. We might be joined by Aunt Heather to help us but who knows. We still don’t see Uncle Justin much, they have their own agenda going on. We just live our lives as best we can. I am still working in the Mountains and working on your future cabin. It was -8* out there last week and it’s currently 1* outside right now. I’m staying home for the rest of this week to watch over Grandma (favorite thing to do) to make sure she gets rest and recovers. She is still fighting lung cancer and had her 11th infusion with two more to go so the program prescribed will end beginning of April, then we will be on our own. She doesn’t complain and whine about what is happening and her World circles around you when she is not working. I take a second place when you are near and truth be told I take a second place from you as Grandma is your focus as well. I’m ok with it, I sit back and watch and love you from afar. My time will come, some day.


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