Easter once again….

Easter Sunday and guess who is coming over to your house?…go ahead guess? Grandma is (as usual) laboring away upstairs in the kitchen doin what she does best, making food. I’m down here thinking of you at the moment. Lots of things happening and an update to a couple things I mentioned in my last love note to you. The Truckers up in Canada had their say and for a time Trudeau ran and hide like the coward he truly is. There are now some provinces up there that have moved in favor of those craving freedom not just the truckers only. Trudeau has been revealed as a Globalist not a Canadian, he hate his own people he is supposed to serve. His father was the same and equally a coward as well, that is what weak leaders will give you. Russia did in fact invade the Ukraine. The World is taking sides against Russia’s President Putin. He is not a gracious person and has a history of being tied to the former KGB which is like our CIA. Our Nation is supporting the Ukraine as well but I will tell you this. The Ukraine is the most corrupt Nation in Eastern Europe bar none. They are into trafficking women and children, drugs moved in and out, money laundering and with a number of our very own Political leaders having family connected and working for Corporations inside Ukraine, including our current President. They are a bad lot and have been for decades and I suspect that the help we are sending as a Nation is coming as fear of discovery is at hand. It’s already been proven that our President and his son Hunter have taken bribes and incentives from a foreign Govt for favorable handling of their business. They should be behind bars but still roam free, if I or anyone else had been discovered doing likewise you would never hear from me again. The old saying “Power corrupts…and absolute Power corrupts absolutely” is certainly true in this case. There were admittedly about 2 dozen “Bio-Labs” sponsored by the US but unknown to it’s citizens harbored there in the Ukraine, one of them a lab that made “adrenochrome” which is a particularly evil practice involving children. The Lord is keeping score and keeping track of those who harm little children.

Most of the medical tyranny has been done away with finally. About the only vestige remaining of the mask lunacy is when you fly and walking through any airport. This is supposed to succumb to it’s death around May 11th I think but it could change and the PTB (Powers that be) are very reluctant to releasing power and control to those who legally should have it….mainly us. Hospitals/clinics/even dental offices still want to keep the control alive and for me I don’t have much need for them so whenever I am there I’ll play along with the dream. Baseball has started (thank God) and so one more thing that makes us feel normal is back underway. There was some controversy at the “Oscars” a couple weeks ago, one Millionaire got up from his seat and slapped another Millionaire in the face for disparaging his wife on National TV. While the notion itself appealed to me in reality the sentiment is that it was staged. Will Smith slapping Chris Rock was a win win for me even if it was fake. The rumor that is coming out now is that what was claimed was a medical condition the wife was suffering from (hair issue), well it turns out the Oscars was sponsored by Pfizer a huge drug Co. (this same Co. also made one of the very suspect vaccines as well) anyway, they are developing a drug that is supposed to help with the hair condition the wife is supposedly suffering from. See how they do these things?…create a problem then come up with a handy solution. Evil knows no bounds.

I had to take a break to go help Grandma up in the kitchen. She over the course of production creates a mountain of dirty dishes and guess who’s responsibility it is to handle dirty dishes? It has literally been going on for two days now with all the prep stuff and then the cooking stuff. It is how she continues to promote and continue and establish the “Legend that is Grandma”, she does it so well and we all get the benefit of her skills. Yesterday I was given photo evidence that my old truck has finally arrived at the cabin. I am thrilled to have this old clunker of a truck, a gift from a friend out there to me. I am blessed in so many ways. I will need something to keep me busy and out of Grandma hair once I finish the cabin completely, maybe by this summer. We went to church yesterday afternoon for an Easter service, you and CJ and your mom met us there and then afterwards we went to Village Inn for dinner. You wanted broccoli along with your Waffle (you are weird) and we were all painfully full upon completion. We will be heading to your house soon and Aunt Heather and Olia will be there. Uncle J and Aunt Gina have headed down to Pueblo where her family lives to be with them. Looks like a great day outside so it will be fun to be with all of us together. Guess who loves you even though I am still ranking about 4th or 5th place? It’s ok I don’t blame you at all. My time is coming….


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