Changes have arrived….

Well a few months have passed and lots of things have happened, most important of which is Grandma has been given the “all’s well” with her cancer diagnosis. She was declared cancer free two months ago after having a new scare in the middle of her fight. You see another tumor was discovered during a planned appt MRI/CT/PET scan. We have been doing them every three months to keep a light shined on her. This time on her liver… was in a place though that was not safe to perform surgery so a radiation plan was scheduled and plotted. When the actual time to get the radiation treatment done we were contacted by our Brain Surgeon, he wanted us to come in for a consult. The news was stunning as Grandma was having headaches again and the warning flag was raised. There was some question from a MRI that was done in preparation for the radiation that highlighted but did not reveal conclusively that something was going on in the area where the original tumor was located. The MRI showed “something” but not specifically what was “afoot”. So the Dr. wanted to perform another brain surgery, we asked when, to which he replied, “next week”. It was also the same week of the radiation treatment (four in total). So believe it or not we scheduled the brain surgery to happen in the middle of the radiation. Your Grandma is made of stout stuff, I would have whimpered in the corner with my thumb in my mouth if it were me. The surgery will confirm what the shading was in her head and take care of the tumor at the same time. We did the first two treatments on a Friday and Monday, Tuesday brain surgery, then two more radiation shots on Thursday and Friday then go home. The brain surgery was identical to the first time with a long sweeping crescent shape from the front of her forehead curving around to below her right ear. What was found was only scar tissue from the aggressive radiation treatment she first received trying to make sure the area around the tumor there was completely dead and no lingering cancer. So even though the surgery was a clean up action none the less it was daunting by itself not counting the radiation. She came through shaken but intact and the combined actions meant that she could recover from both at the same time. It was an act of God to which we are grateful to both Him and Dr.s He provided to us. Headaches mostly gone and so is the tumor on her liver. She has as a consequence of becoming more grumpy and less tolerant (of me as well) but we will take her survival with joy, she still dotes on you and CJ….me not so much. We are planning a long awaited vacation to the Dominican Republic for our anniversary in two months, it’s been 10 years since our last one together.

Another new milestone is you have….”STARTED SCHOOL”. Yes Kindergarten is first up and away you go. Only into your second week and there have been problems of course, the whole process you are not completely ready for. You are pushing and hitting other kids while standing in line or some such and earning special attention in the doing. You were a prized kid in the Goddard School but now in Public School not so much. You will adjust over time of course but some growing up on your part will be necessary. I am keeping tabs on you and so is Grandma, you returned to our home to spend the night about a month ago and had a great time even though you had stayed with us several times before the China Flu numbskull population control event came to light. Now it has been revealed and proven to be the largest single lie perpetrated on the American People in History, hopefully all those responsible for deceiving us and stealing two years of our lives might be punished accordingly but I am not holding my breath. Dr. Fouchi the worst offender has declared he is retiring this year in December, I hope so and not a moment too soon as he is responsible for the suffering and death of thousands of citizens from the illegal mandates imposed on the Nation. We did not play along but many did and are suffering the consequences. We… (Grandma and I) …just got home from staying the night with you and C.J. (affectionately also known as “Bruiser”). We stayed over so that your folks could go to a “90’s” party with some friends downtown. They had a good time away from you kids and we had a good time with you kids. You still try to boss us around and in your estimation you are always telling us how smart you are. I suggested that whoever has been telling you this should stop. Grandma is still #1 but I think I have risen a couple places to perhaps #6 or 7. I don’t let you get away with as much “smart kid” attitude so you naturally gravitate to Grandma who even though is “less tolerant” in the months since her last surgery she is head and shoulders above me. I’m ok with that because when you are older and are able to couple some wisdom with the smart gene you possess, you will move deeper into my World.

Work on the basement is progressing nicely. I insulated the whole ceiling a couple weeks ago and had my drywall guys hang everything and tape and texture which they finished on Friday. Now come the finishes like paint and trim and “my specialty”….tile. 43 years after I first started I am still putting it down, I do it now more for the enjoyment of it and not so much as earning a living. I am proud of you “hey baby”, you are growing and moving in a direction that will lead you to success… long as you don’t get too smart and keep the Lord Jesus clearly within your sights. For now we tolerate each other, you hug my neck and have told me you love me and I have done the same. I await the time when you can go with me to the places I love best and enjoy it as much as I already do. Until then never forget hey baby…..”Anything you tolerate, you will always get more of”. True statement….


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