What kind of New Year is this one going to be:

Another New Year has arrive today Avery. You and the rest of the family are spending time in Florida with other family and friends. Grandma and I are here in Colorado trying to avoid the cold and snow outside as much as possible. It has been a few months since my last love note to you….stuff happens as you will some day learn. First good news is, Grandma has completed three post cancer testing and remains free (albeit a little more frequently grumpy) from any residual consequence. Second good news is I have work to do still but over in the mountains by the cabin. I don’t like being over there most of the week but I get back home on weekends. It is a format that Grandma and I have shared many times over the years. So now that 2022 is officially over (thank God) I have great apprehension over this coming year. There was what is called a “mid-term” election which is part of the election process mostly because House Members have to be re-elected every two years and the Presidential stuff every four. Senators get a six year ride sad to say as most currently serving (fleecing) are long overdue to be sent home. The election was this past Nov and just so you know historically speaking the least qualified, most mentally handicapped individual ever elected (other than our current President) to office is to be sworn in next week in Pennsylvania. To say that there was gross voting manipulation would be an understatement. Same thing happened in Arizona but this is the way of the Liberal Left, it is the “only” way they can win anything, they have to cheat and they are very good at it. I hope two things are still in place when you are old enough to vote for your own beliefs, first the Electoral College (its not what it sound like) this is the stalwart protection against heavily populated cities and States who would “over-ride” the rest of the rural Nation who almost always vote conservatively. So if you can or are able to when your grown the Electoral College MUST be protected and honored. Of course second is the Constitution which is the only thing (outside of Almighty God) that is still protecting the American Citizen. The natural citizen of the World also love this same Constitution but every single power hungry Nation or individual despises this God given document. Don’t forget that my love.

You guys came over to open presents early this Christmas knowing that Florida was where you were going for the actual date. We had a real hoot with you opening your gifts…..my gifts….Grandma gifts, you thought it was all about you. C.J. felt otherwise as he was on a package tearing bent of his own. You came over early and left early as well because you were leaving the next day for Florida. What you won’t remember is that you were at the airport waiting on a plane for about six hours and by the time you got to your destination it was past your bedtime….ours too. We followed you to the airport and then returned your moms truck home and then we went home afterwards. We are going to have to do it all in reverse in less than a week to get you’all back home again. I have heard reports of how things are progressing as you visit people and places, your dad got sick while there and missed half of the fun, but news is he is on the mend. Duchess is here with us and is wandering around some bumping into stuff, she mostly hangs in my lap once I sit down to watch TV with Grandma. You won’t remember but a couple weeks ago we set two temperature records here on the same day (Wed) first is we had the “coldest high” temperature at -6* below zero and the next early morning we had the coldest day as well at -26* below zero, I thank the Lord we are not homeless. I have made good progress down in your basement. Everything is painted (almost) all the tile is installed (almost) cabinets are installed and the granite is just waiting to be installed. All that is really left is to put in doors/trim/carpet and then it will be done……finally. I was hoping to have it complete before you got into High School, so is your mom. Anyway I will touch base with you again in a couple months and by then perhaps we/I will have a better understanding of how this year might actually turn out. You are growing up….but….you are still “hey baby” to us. Oh….by the way you have a new cousin…born early a few months ago, Briella is her name. None of us has seen her yet but someday soon she will be brought home.


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