I’ve been missing you “hey baby”. The weather (snow) has been double the normal for February so Grandma and I have stayed closer to home and she has been under the weather for most of this month. Haven’t been to church for a couple weeks and your mom has been working overtime so the conditions just haven’t been right. But perhaps things will change soon with March right around the corner….not holding my breath though. I wanted to share an event with you that happened to me a week ago. Not that you might feel sorry for your Grandpa, but that you commit to memory and practice a mentality that will only become more common as Society continues to devolve from it’s current level….and it will. I was blindsided by a homeless man while walking into a Barnes & Noble (a book store situated in an open air shopping center near us). It was on Valentines Day and 2:00pm in the afternoon, in other words it was in broad daylight. Things can happen when you are planning and walking at the same time and not “overtly” aware of your surroundings. I saw my soon to be attacker walking on what turned out to be an intercept course prior to my entry to the store…and as I passed by him I could see in the glass entry door ahead of me my silhouette and also his behind me. He was taking a large swing with something directed at my head and as I leaned forward to duck, the blow glanced off of my head. Now the ensuing struggle that came after was my choice feeling threatened, and what happened as a result of it is not the point of my recording my love note to you. This person was on drugs of some kind and perhaps homeless because of the addiction and in his addled mental state had lost his way on what his perception of the value of a life means whether it be mine or his own.  If I can leave a small heritage behind me for you to carry forward let it be two things….God is good (all the time) and yours and your family’s protection is your own responsibility. Not the Police, not the Govt, no one else but you. Should you meet a man who “is worthy” of your love and trust please be sure that he also believes in this also and that God is good (all the time) and protection will be upon his shoulders should the need arise.

The Second Amendment, while it was drawn into existence so that a rogue Govt. can not easily dominate a free People, does by its very nature, declares that personal protection is mandatory for the individual and not the obligation of another. With this in mind you must do all you can to both possess and be proficient with personal protection. With your hands and feet should a firearm not be handy….and to carry the instrument that levels all playing fields. This old saying is true and effective…. “God created all men, but Mr. Colt made them equal”…. (Samuel Colt designed and built a famous handgun that could be wielded by women as well as a man), this quote also applies to women and girls as well. My future intention, should I still be standing, will be to teach you how to be proficient and skilled with the handgun of your choice. To me hey baby, what also didn’t happen with this scary event, could be the biggest reason for being prepared and responsible for you and your family’s personal protection…. no one came to my aid after I had fallen onto the concrete during the fight. No one helped, not a soul, I was on my own. In fact a woman inside the store where I was trying to get into actually held the door closed so even I couldn’t get in trying to put space between me and my attacker. See the problem?? Criminals will “NEVER” follow the law, in particular laws prohibiting owning or the possession of a firearm or a particular “gun free Zone” (stupid really). That law…..whatever it is or whatever it tries to control will only control “the law abiding citizen” who isn’t a threat in the first place to anyone “except” a criminal trying to attack you or your home. Criminals actually love gun control….you can guess why. I hope to see you tomorrow at church and then lunch afterwards (at Chili’s for chips and salsa). Life is better because you are here in it with us Avery, and your mom is my angel so I have it times two. Grandma is feeling better now and I’m not so sore so all is well… and God is good. (all the time) Remember this, anyone talking about “sensible gun control laws” is bent on putting your family at risk. Do everything you can and leave the rest to God.

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