Just a little more War….

Hey Baby…..       1/13/2019

In the news yet again is the bombing of a Bakery, back in France this time. Innocent people died and nothing was solved, and truth be told the fanning of violence will eventually lead to someone turning around and giving it back….it is a natural response to hate filled behavior. There is an old saying called; “the drumbeat of War” and behind the intent is that there will always be someone or someplace where War or the threat of War is on the rise. The people who talk most about War are typically those who don’t “have to go to War”, so therefore they have little to fear should they become the one who is the drumbeat advocating for a fight for interests that may or may not merit our interest as a Nation. So Hey Baby, I want you to consider “who”….might benefit from advocating a War. Who are those involved?…and what is their reason to (in nearly every case) invade a Foreign Nation rather than stay at home and defend these shores. America (my America) is a Christian Nation….there is no doubt and easy to confirm with even a cursory bit of research but I am concerned that the Nation “you inherit” will have continued to turn away from the Founding Fathers whom nearly all were believers in Jesus the Christ. It’s not an arguable point but….if someone does wish to argue the point….understand that they will most certainly have a hidden agenda motivating them. For a moment I will “paint with a broad brush” for you just so you know some basic points. One being there is a difference between a Liberal and someone who is a Leftist….a big difference, a Liberal can still love God but no Leftist will. A Republic

DSC02547 (1) II

is a “form” of Govt that was established and guaranteed within the Constitution to all the States (Article 4 Section 4)  and it is based on Law, but the single thing that separates us from , say, The Republic of North Korea, or the Republic of China, is that OUR Republic is based upon Judaeo-Christian principles and Gods Moral Law of the 10 Commandments among other Christian Faith beliefs.  Never let anyone “try to include” the word Democratic, or Democracy into the definition of what America is; like “a Democratic Republic” or “we must preserve our Democracy”, there is one of two things going on with this type of commentary. One is either they are stupid and simply don’t know what form of Govt America was given….or….they are being deceptive knowing better (most will be Lawyers) and continually try to keep the Democracy wording in the mix as the hope is one day to replace a Christian based Republic with a Socialist Nation where there are just a privileged few have prosperity and power and the rest of the People slave to support their lifestyle. What you will discover as you get older and more experienced is that “NEITHER” Party stand for anything within our two Party system. So it is better to trust in God and no other and fight the good fight to preserve whatever is left of our true Republic, One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All”…..remember anything you tolerate you will always get more of.


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